Four-Semester MBA Program

Consider the Benefits

  • Builds solid foundation in business fundamentals
  • Features integrated courses that foster a multidisciplinary perspective
  • Combines a generalist perspective with opportunities to specialize

Program Objective

The Four-Semester Program is designed for students who wish to combine their liberal arts, fine arts, science, or engineering background with business to create a dynamic career track. While no previous business coursework is required, a working knowledge of calculus and well-developed English and computer skills are very beneficial.

Developing Core Essentials

During the first year, expect to develop the fundamentals of business through the core courses that provide the base for more individualized study in the second year. These courses include the functional areas of business that equip you with the important analytical tools essential for critical decision-making. Students work in task-oriented teams, drawing upon the experience and skills of peers to solve challenging business problems. Effective leadership requires students to see the big picture and to understand how all the functional areas are linked. Additionally, the first year emphasizes the role of managers in today's society by integrating social responsibility, leadership, and cultural sensitivity. Communication skills, critical to business success, are also fine-tuned through the written and oral communications course. Furthermore, the first year focuses on career preparation through the professional development course that includes job search strategies, leadership assessment, development of networking and interviewing skills, and interaction with employer guest speakers.

Flexible Curriculum

Internships help launch your career.

In the second year of the program, students have the opportunity to explore various career tracks through numerous elective course offerings, including cross-disciplinary electives, real-world project courses and corporate internships.

Because experiential learning plays an integral part in fulfilling career goals, the school requires every full-time MBA student to obtain an internship during the course of the program. (Internships may be used towards fulfilling an elective course requirement).

MBA Four-Semester Full-Time Schedule (Fall admission only)

MBA Specializations

Although the program provides a generalist perspective, the flexibility of the curriculum allows you to concentrate in one of five career specializations, which include:

  • Accounting*
  • Finance
  • Leadership Studies
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Management Information Systems
  • Marketing

In addition to a concentration, students who take selected quantitative coursework will also have the opportunity to earn a focus in business analytics.
Please note:  Concentrations are optional.

* Students pursuing a concentration in accounting must possess an undergraduate degree in accounting from a U.S. accounting program.

Independent study is encouraged throughout the program.  Students and faculty can design interdisciplinary projects based upon the student's career choice."
- Debi Mishra, Associate Professor of Marketing

When you consider the benefits - the quality of education, added value of the MBA, increase in marketability and  competitive tuition - you will see this program is designed with your career in mind.

Last Updated: 3/25/14