Alumni Testimonials

"The Binghamton PMBA program enabled me to build up and strengthen my skill-set and improve my value in today's tough environment. Week after week, I found that I was able to use what I learned on Saturday, in the office on Monday."

Matthew Gargano, MBA '08

"Binghamton University's Fast-Track Professional MBA program continues to increase my creativity, elevate my ability to think strategically, and enhance my efficiency. I find the challenge of balancing work and school only increases the quality of my contributions to both."

Sean McGowan, MBA '10

"Binghamton's Professional MBA is a great program for the busy professional who wants to attain a solid, world-class MBA while keeping their professional life moving at full-speed. The program was run very professionally, had amazing professors, focused on modern-day business issues, technology and web 2.0, and had a solid grounding in finance and ethics- We would highly recommend it to anybody who wants to get an MBA but doesn't want to detract from their professional track."

Miodrag & Olga Perin, MBAs '08

"I want to communicate the value of my MBA from Binghamton University. It has not only helped me to navigate these challenging times, but it has been a key differentiator in a promotion I just received- I will manage commercial relationships with annual sales sizes from $3,000,000 to $20,000,000."

John Huhtala, MBA '06

"The PMBA program has allowed me the freedom to further my education while working full-time. I have the amazing opportunity to obtain an MBA, with top quality professors, and only go to class once a week. It couldn't be in a better location either."

Paul Distasio, MBA '09

"Every professor I had was accommodating and really drove home the learning principles with fascinating real-world examples which I was able to apply in my daily routine and leverage with my current experiences. As a result, I have not only added value to my educational background, but have gained a competitive advantage relative to my colleagues and external peers."

Janell Santiago, MBA '06

"As an international student, this program represented a professional challenge as well as a personal one, and it surpassed my expectations in both aspects. It provided me with the knowledge I was looking for, while also offering a great personal experience."

Leandro Machado, MBA '07

"The fact that I didn't have to retake my core courses was unbelievable. If I had to re-take all of my basic undergraduate courses, I think it would've been really tedious. You just can't compare this experience to other programs. It's perfect; I get to have a full-time job and still go to school at the same time, all in one year."

Tracy Merslich, MBA '09

"I think the fact that my fellow classmates were all around my age and we were all at a similar place in our lives brought us closer. It was a very close-knit class and we enjoyed learning and working together. I also think the location was great. It was easy for all of us to commute to the City, and we were really able to enjoy our surroundings on lunch and after class."

Joanna Seymore, MBA '08

"The Professional MBA program is the perfect solution for professionals who are seeking to acquire practical knowledge which can be incorporated immediately into their work environment without having to disrupt their career. Further, the selective nature and small size of the program fosters lifelong mentoring relationships with the faculty."

Siejen Yin-Stevenson, MBA '06

"Binghamton's one-year Fast-Track Professional MBA program was exactly what I was looking for. It's challenging, but it is definitely a worthwhile endeavor. The program has helped me to better manage my time and the course topics can help you immediately in your career. I would highly recommend this program to all potential applicants."

Yale M. Brown, MBA '09

"As someone who works in an industry with extremely long hours (sometimes including weekends), the PMBA proved to be extremely compatible. It was the perfect opportunity to advance my education and skill set without interrupting my career."

Valerie Weinstein, MBA '07

"The convenience of this program is what drew me to it; furthermore, the program upholds all of the standards I would require in my graduate education, as well as offering benefits time-wise, location-wise, and financially. Each facet of the program fits perfectly into the lifestyle of a professional who holds a full-time job and wants a world-class education."

Julia Chin, MBA '06

"You can't beat the pace, value, content, and extreme relevancy of the Binghamton PMBA Fast-Track Program. It was one of the best choices I have ever made in my career and continues to benefit me on a daily basis."

Matthew Katz, MBA '06

"The PMBA program was an academically relevant, convenient, and cost-effective way to earn an MBA. The professors worked hard to make sure the curriculum was cutting-edge and integrated all of the different industries."

Lauren Levitt, MBA '07

"This program allowed me to work with and learn from people from all different backgrounds - from marketing to IT, from different parts of the country to different parts of the world. Now, my social circle includes all sorts of people that I've met through the program, and it happened a lot earlier in my career than it normally would have."

Christian Parisi, MBA '09

Last Updated: 3/25/14