Policies and Procedures:

There are many policies and procedures governing Binghamton University and the School of Management. For ease of reference, we have included links to selected grading and academic policies on this page.

Grading Policies

Grades and GPA

Numerical values are assigned to each grade received in the following manner:

A: 4.0 A-: 3.7 B+: 3.3 B: 3.0 B-: 2.7

C+: 2.3 C: 2.0 C-: 1.7 D: 1.0 F: 0.0

These grades are averaged each semester as a measurement of academic progress and reported as the grade point average. The cumulative GPA and the SOM-only GPA are both reported on the DARS report each semester.

Computing Your GPA

  • Multiply the number of credits in each course by the numerical equivalent of the letter grade. (Exclude 'P' grade because there is no numerical equivalent for "P") This product equals quality points.

  • Total the quality points for all courses taken.

  • Divide total quality points by the total number of credits for all the course being computed.

For example: two A- and two B+ in four courses would add up to = 2 * 3.7 + 2 * 3.3 = 14

Therefore, GPA = 14/4 = 3.5

Academic Probation

SOM students must maintain a 2.0 GPA overall (in all Binghamton University courses) and a 2.0 for their School of Management coursework to remain in good academic standing. Students with less than 2.0 GPA for either of these criteria may continue on academic probation, but must raise their cumulative GPA to a 2.0 or better within a reasonable period or be subject to dismissal. The Academic dismissal index is shown in the SOM section of the University Bulletin. Students who fall below the minimum GPA for their standing are subject to dismissal from the program.

Passing Grade

A 'D' is passing for any SOM course, and will count toward the degree requirements in the SOM.

PASS/FAIL Grade Option

SOM students who enter Binghamton as freshmen are permitted to take a total of 16 credit hours of their non-management course work taken at Binghamton with a Pass/Fail grading option. Transfer students are permitted to take eight credit hours of Pass/Fail course work. Physical education classes and courses offered only on a Pass/Fail basis are not included in this total. All School of Management course work must be taken on a letter grade basis with the exception of management internships and teaching practical, which are only offered Pass/Fail. Courses taken at other institutions or abroad must be taken for a letter grade and are not considered part of the Pass/Fail total. All courses which apply to General Education requirements must be taken for a letter grade.

Academic Policies

Incomplete Policy

A notation of Incomplete, rather than a grade, may be reported by the instructor when a student has made substantial progress but has not been able to complete a course. In addition, the student must have a valid reason, because of illness or other justifiable circumstances, for requesting an Incomplete. The question of substantial progress, potential to pass the course, and a valid reason for the request, will be decided by the instructor. When giving an Incomplete, the instructor must:

  • Complete a contract for fulfilling the Incomplete which is signed by the instructor and the student;

  • Submit the contract to the SOM Advising Office along with the submission of the Incomplete grade;

  • Specify in the contract how the course will be completed, when the work must be completed, and that the student is in compliance with SOM rules regarding the number of incompletes a student may carry at one time. A student may not carry more than 8 credit hours of incompletes at any time without specific approval from the Advising Office.

  • Include in the contract, any extenuating circumstances (e.g. sabbatical), the signature of any additional instructor needed for successful completion of the course. This signature is to be obtained by the originating faculty member, not the student. An Incomplete grade will become an "F" 72 hours after the last scheduled final in the next regular semester following the issuance of the Incomplete, unless a Change of Grade or a Request for Extension is submitted by the instructor. It is the student's responsibility to ascertain that the course work has been completed according to the contract and a new grade submitted. An extension of this deadline must be approved by the instructor and the Dean's office and will only be approved in highly unusual circumstances. Contracts and other required forms may be obtained from the SOM Advising Office.

Repeating Courses

Courses with a passing grade of "D" or higher cannot be repeated for credit.  If students choose to repeat a course that they received a passing grade in, the newer grade will not be used in their GPA calculation or in the calculation of credits towards their degree .  If students repeat a class in which they received a grade of "F",  both the new grade and the "F" grade will be factored into their GPA. Required courses in which an "F" was received must be repeated.

Add/Drop Period

Registered students may add new courses during the "Add Period", which lasts approximately two weeks from the start of the semester. After this date, approval of the SOM Advising Office is required to add a course even if the course is not offered by the School of Management. Do not seek approval from Harpur College Advising. Approval of the instructor is not sufficient to add a course after the Add Deadline. Students may drop courses without penalty prior to the Drop deadline. This deadline is approximately 2 days prior to the Add deadline. Courses dropped during this period are deleted from the student's record.

The period during which a student may withdraw from a course without academic penalty is approximately the eighth week. Courses dropped during this period automatically receive a grade of 'W'. Changes in grading options from regular to Pass to Fail or to audit grading must also be made on or before this date.

Students may petition to ADD or DROP courses after the announced deadlines by submitting a late add/drop petition on BU Brain. Late fees are generally imposed for actions after the deadlines. Make sure you are aware of the dates established for each semester. Signature of the instructor and approval from the Advising Office are required, along with the late fee. Only documented, special circumstances that are beyond the student's control are considered. Poor class performance is not considered an appropriate reason for a late drop regardless of the impact upon your GPA.

Courses from Other Schools at Binghamton

There are restrictions on the coursework that may be used to fulfill SOM degree requirements. Liberal arts requirements must be fulfilled with with courses from Harpur College. Students may apply courses in Decker School of Nursing, School of Education and Human Development or Thomas J. Watson School of Engineering and Applied Science toward their non-Management elective requirements. Coursework from these other schools may not be applied toward liberal arts or SOM requirements.

For additional information regarding BU and SOM policies, please visit the following websites:

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