BS in Accounting Curriculum and Course Description

To be granted the bachelor of science degree in accounting from the School of Management, students must complete the following courses:

Liberal Arts**** (60 Credits minimum)

  • ECON 162. Microeconomics
  • MATH 220 Business Calculus or MATH 224 and 225 (Differential and Integral Calculus) 
  • CQS 111. Computer Tools for Management
  • Electives
    Liberal arts electives to include General Education coursework, a second composition course and a minimum of three courses at the intermediate or advanced level.*

School of Management

  • MGMT 111 Intro to Decision Making in Management
  • CQS 112. Statistics for Management**
  • ECON 160. Microeconomics
  • BL&S 111-112. Legal Environment of Management I and II
  • CQS 311. Advanced Computer Tools
  • MIS 311. Management Information Systems
  • OPM 311. Operations Management
  • MKTG 311. Introduction to Marketing
  • IBUS 311. Introduction to International Business
  • MGMT 311. Organizational Behavior
  • FIN 311. Financial Management
  • MGMT 411. Global Strategic Management
  • ACCT 211. Financial Accounting
  • ACCT 305. Cost Accounting
  • ACCT 311. Intermediate Accounting Theory I
  • ACCT 312. Intermediate Accounting Theory II
  • ACCT 460. Auditing
  • ACCT 476. Taxation for Entities

To view course descriptions of management courses, please visit the Binghamton University Bulletin website 

Total - 126 Credits*****


*General Education requirements are fulfilled using the liberal arts electives. The term 'introductory level' refers to those courses for which there are no prerequisites and/or courses numbered below 300. A course with no prerequisite and a number below 300, but specified as being intermediate or advanced in nature by the department teaching the course, may be used as a non-introductory elective.

**SOM strongly recommends that students take CQS 112 as their required course in statistics. No more than one introductory statistics course may count toward the degree.

***Other introductory statistics courses are MATH 147, MATH 148, PSYC 243 and ECON 366.

****A minimum of 60 credits of liberal arts coursework is required to apply for the NYS CPA License. Only one of the two economics courses counts as liberal arts.

*****Students with a bulletin year prior to Fall 2014  are required to complete 130 credits hours for the BS in Accounting.


General Education at Binghamton


  • For information on course descriptions, credit hours and GenEd Requirements, view the Binghamton University Bulletin.

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