BS in Business Administration

Concentration:  Marketing

(Effective Fall 2013)

The undergraduate management concentration in Marketing provides students with both a theoretical and a practical knowledge of marketing. The curriculum achieves these ends by integrating practical applications with theoretical and conceptual understanding. Examples include hands-on computer usage, team projects and case analysis, and marketing simulation games. In addition, ethics and international issues are woven through the curriculum to further enrich the student's marketing background.

Marketing students may follow many possible career paths. The highest starting salaries go to those positions requiring the strongest quantitative skills.

Sales (Area Sales Manager): Ensuring that brokers/salespeople meet their targets; sales contacts and customer service; new product ideas and development
Advertising (Account Executive): Leading a creative group to understand the client's communication needs; developing Point Of Sales materials
Marketing Strategy (Category Manager/Product Manager): Part of a cross-functional team entrusted with consumer research, market basket analysis, evaluating promotions, supervising production and sales of products
Market Research (Research Analyst): Analyzing secondary customer data bases, data mining
Internet Startups: Marketing planning and market development

In order to fulfill the requirements of the concentration in marketing, students must complete the standard core curriculum for the management degree option, MKTG 320 (Marketing Research), and 3 other electives beyond undergraduate marketing courses beyond the introductory level. The students' course selections should reflect their career choice. Marketing Strategy is recommended for all Marketing majors. Each course is four credit hours.

MKTG 320 - Marketing Research
The role of marketing research; research design, sampling, questionnaire construction, data collection methodology, techniques for data analysis, report writing and presentation.

MKTG 322 - Consumer Behavior
Individual, situational and cultural influences on consumer attitudes (judgment) and decision making, normative versus descriptive theories of decision making. Special topics include online buying behavior, conjoint models of preference formation, and innovation diffusion.

MKTG 324 - Marketing Strategy
Advanced treatment of integrating elements of the marketing mix (i.e., product, place, promotion and place decisions in the context of marketing planning). The role and importance of e-commerce in shaping marketing mix integration will be highlighted.

MKTG 325 — Product Management
Explores strategic aspects of new product management and the issues relating to the process of new product development for sustained future growth.

MKTG 340 - Advertising
This is a course on integrated marketing communications (IMC) with an emphasis on advertising on the Internet and the new media. Topics include: selection of target markets, establishment of communications objectives, selection of and working relationships with advertising agencies, creative strategy and execution, media selection, appropriations and budgets, and program evaluation procedures.

MKTG 350 – Customer Relationship Marketing
Principles of co-operative marketing strategy dealing with selection of relationship partners, structuring partnerships, creating incentives, and evaluating relationship performance with specific focus on the role of the internet in structuring firm-customer relationships.

MKTG 441 - Advanced Tools for Marketing Decisions
This course provides hands-on skills in using advanced computer-based tools that help in making marketing decisions. Topics include sales call planning, segmentation using cluster analysis, positioning using MDS, new product design using conjoint analysis, and pricing using yield management. Emphasis is placed on conceptualizing the problems as well as their practical solutions. The course is particularly relevant for the data rich e-commerce environment (e.g., data mining techniques for marketing decisions). Students gain valuable spreadsheet skills, and learn to integrate analysis with marketing intuition.

MKTG 470 - International Marketing
Seminar on marketing management problems in the international environment. Students will gain an understanding of scope of international marketing activities and impact of culture and environment on marketing programs.

MKTG 480 – Special Topics in Marketing
New offerings on topics within the broad area of marketing. Strategic Brand Management and Sales & Advertising are current Special Topics courses. Many of these topics courses are later added to the curriculum as  regular offerings.

The faculty recommend that MKTG majors take MKTG 311 (required for all SOM students), two electives and MKTG 324 – Marketing Strategy as the best preparation for most careers. Other combinations may be chosen and students are encouraged to consult with the faculty in the Marketing area for advice on other career preparation options. Students often to take additional electives instead of a second concentration.



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