Opportunities for Non-SOM Binghamton University Students

Intra-University Transfer

In order to become a management or accounting major, a student must officially transfer into the School of Management. Intra-University transfer applications are available at the Undergraduate Admissions Office.After a student has applied, the Admissions Office will evaluate the application along with all others for the upcoming semester, and either approve or deny admission. This decision is based on the overall GPA of the student relative to other applicants.

Spaces available in the SOM will generally be filled with those applicants with the highest GPA. Preference may be given to students following a program similar to SOM students and to students entering the junior year. It is advised therefore, that courses in calculus, statistics, microeconomics, and/or macroeconomics be considered. If you are denied admission, you may reapply the following semester. Non-SOM students may prepare for possible transfer by taking courses which will fulfill SOM degree requirements. Specifically, students are urged to take the following courses during their first 2 years:

  • Economics 160 and 162
  • Statistics: Math 147, Econ 366 or Psyc 243
  • Math 220 or 221
  • 2 courses with a writing emphasis
  • 3 non-introductory courses in the Liberal Arts

Management Adjunct Option

This special program responds to requests by non-SOM students for the opportunity to systematically complete a limited selection of courses in the School of management, while completing degree requirements in their chosen fields. The Management Adjunct option gives an introduction to basic subject matter in the areas of management and accounting. It is not equivalent to an academic major and is not a formal minor, but rather is a supplement to appropriate majors in the other schools at Binghamton. Adjunct option students may not take more than 16 credit hours in the School of Management. All courses are available online during winter and summer sessions only.


  • Apply at the School of Management Advising Office.
  • Meet the following general entrance criteria
  • Have completed at least 24 credit hours and thus have junior standing.
  • Have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.2 for the last 60 credit hours.

Course Requirements:

  • ACCT 211
  • MGMT 311
  • MKTG 311
  • FIN 311
Students who successfully complete the Adjunct will have this reflected on their transcript.  Download application form.

Fast-Track MBA Programs

Students in Harpur College or the Watson School may earn a BA or BS with the MBA in a 5-year period.

Last Updated: 2/24/15