Options for Other Students

Many students enroll at Binghamton University in one of the other Colleges or Schools or with an Undecided major. Once here they may wish to pursue a business degree or a business minor. SOM offers several opportunities for such students.

Intra-University Transfer (IUT):

The challenge: Because of the extremely competitive nature of internal transfer to the programs in SOM, we urge you to read this very carefully. It will help you make the most of your opportunities to prepare for a business career.

Preparing academically:

  1. You are required to have completed microeconomics or macroeconomics, and either calculus or statistics by the end of the semester in which you submit your application. Grades of A or B are necessary in each of those courses. Additional courses can be selected which are similar to those required of all SOM majors.
  2. Using your academic advisor (including an EOP advisor if you have one), continue to prepare for a non-SOM major to keep on track for a degree in the school in which you now are enrolled. This is a critically important safeguard for your future in the event that your IUT application is not successful. The ratio of applicants to spaces for recent semesters has been between 5 and 8 to 1, so admission is very selective.
  3. Bear in mind that courses and grades taken at other colleges or universities will be considered seriously in the IUT process together with your recent Binghamton work.
  4. Transfer students who have completed only one semester here at the time of the IUT application, must have earned at least a 3.3 GPA here for consideration. Consult with an SOM advisor about SOM courses you wish to take before your internal application is considered. Access to SOM courses for non-SOM students is increasingly limited.
  5. Students may prepare for possible transfer by taking courses which will fulfill SOM degree requirements. Specifically, students are urged to take the following courses during their first 2 semesters:
  •   Economics 160 and 162
  •   Statistics: Math 147, MATH 148, Econ 366 or Psyc 243
  •   Math 220 or MATH 224 and 225
  •   Work towards fulfilling Gen Ed requirements of Aesthetics (A), Lab Science (L),     Humanities (H), Composition (C) or Joint Oral/Composition (J), Pluralism (P) and Foreign Language (FL).

The application process and filing dates:

  1. Complete the IUT application located on your BU Brain.
  2. File your IUT application by November 15 for the following Spring term, and by March 15 for the following Fall. Late applications will be considered as spaces permit. More space is generally available in the Fall compared to Spring.
  3. Wait to hear . At the end of the semester in which you apply admissions will make a decision, and notify you.

Admission criteria:

  1. Most admitted students have had  a 3.5 GPA or higher, but there is no GPA or credit cutoff for admission or denial. Any written statements about your circumstances will be reviewed carefully. You are encouraged to start applying in your freshman year.
  2. Credits earned through Advanced Placement Program courses, International Baccalaureate Higher Level exams (grade of 4 or higher), and all external college courses, including Project Advance (SUPA) or similar courses, completed with a "C" or better, will be used in your evaluation. That assumes you have provided official transcripts or score reports, as appropriate, to the University. 


  1. Your decision is emailed to your Binghamton email address.
  2. If you are admitted but decide not to enroll in SOM, please admissions know so that the seat may be offered the place to another deserving student.

Applications are electronic and are located on BU Brain 

Double Degree:

Those students wishing to "double major" in SOM and another school must be admitted to the Double Degree program. In this program, students will complete 2 baccalaureate degrees simultaneously, the degrees being awarded together once both are competed. Normally this takes an extra year and requires a minimum of 156 credit hours. Students with sufficient advance placement or college credit upon entry to BU may be able to do both degrees in 4 years.

The application and admission criteria are the same as for the Intra-University Transfer. Applications are locate don BU Brain

Combined Degree Programs

Students wishing to combine a baccalaureate degree from another school at BU with a Master's Degree from SOM also have several options.

Harpur College/School of Management FastTrack program:

Those wishing to have a bachelor's degree from Harpur College and an Master in Business Administration (MBA) from SOM would pursue the FastTrack program. This program requires the student to accelerate the major requirements and other Harpur requirements in order to complete them in three years, leaving only elective credits for the fourth year. Thus, early preparation is necessary. Students should start preparations for this program during the freshman year. During the spring semester of the third year, the student would take the GMAT exam and apply to the MBA program through the Graduate School. If accepted, the student would begin the MBA during the fourth year, using those graduate credits as electives towards the bachelor's degree from Harpur and also towards the MBA. The MBA would be completed in the fifth year. Students considering this program should take an introductory calculus course and courses in micro and macro economics are encouraged.

More details are available from the SOM Graduate Advisor (AA-126) and an informative handout is available in the School of Management Advising Office (AA-140).


  • Students may choose to complete 12 credits within one of the following concentrations: Finance, Leadership & Consulting, Management Information Systems, Marketing and Operations Management.

Watson/School of Management Fast-Track MBA Program:

Over the past several years, the engineering industry has undergone considerable change. Economic and managerial issues that were previously addressed outside the engineer's domain have been integrated into the engineer's responsibilities. The Watson School and the School of Management have joined forces to offer a program that combines an engineering undergraduate degree with a master's degree in business Administration. This is normally a five-year program.

Program Requirements:

  • Watson School undergraduates admitted to the combined degree program take 4 core MBA courses during the third and fourth years. Which count as technical electives towards the bachelor's degree. The BS is awarded after the fourth year. The student is then admitted to the MBA program during the fifth year.


  • You may apply for "conditional admission" as early as freshman year. You must take the GMAT exam and receive a minimum score of 620 and have a GPA of at least 3.0. To continue into the MBA year, you must have maintained the 3.0 GPA throughout your bachelor's degree. You must have also earned a minimum 3.0 GPA in all management courses.


  • Students may choose to complete 12 credits within one of the following concentrations: Finance, Leadership & Consulting, Management Information Systems, Marketing and Operations Management.

Business Minor - Management Adjunct Program

The School of Management does not offer a Minor in Business. However, it does offer a program which allows students from other schools at Binghamton to complete a selection of core business courses. This program is called the Management Adjunct Program. To be admitted to this program, a non-SOM student must have completed 60 credits and have a cumulative GPA of 3.2 or higher. Applications are accepted at any time in the SOM Advising office (AA-140). Courses are offered online during Winter and Summer sessions only.

Program Requirements:

ACCT 211 - Financial Accounting

FIN 311 - Financial Management

MGMT 311 - Organizational Behavior

MKTG 311 - Introduction to Marketing



Last Updated: 1/13/16