Prospective Transfer Students


Transferring from one college to another can present many problems. This page will help you understand the issues which might affect you in the transfer process. Courses from colleges which follow a similar course progression as SOM programs will transfer easiest. For community colleges, this is usually an AS in Business Administration program. Other programs often include courses we do not accept and are more likely to result in loss of credits. Transfers from other AACSB accredited business schools generally do not lose credits in the transition.

Academic Advising

Academic Advising in the School of Management is centralized. The office is located in Academic A, room 142 (AA-142). This is the place you will visit for any academic questions you may have during your time at Binghamton.  In addition, Advising is a good source for information about other issues. We know who to visit to get problems solved.  We can provide help with Study Abroad and internships, job opportunities, choosing a major, taking courses at home over the summer or winter breaks, and pretty much anything else you may have questions about. You never need an appointment to see an advisor. Just stop in at your convenience. There is always someone here to help you.

More detailed information on SOM programs may be found at the Academic Advising page.

DARS (the Degree Audit Reporting System)

The primary tool you’ll use to monitor your progress towards your degree is the DARS report.  These reports are available to you at any time and should be consulted frequently to confirm that you are progressing normally. DARS can be accessed through the BUSI Web Center (, the BU student portal to web-based applications.  Among other links on BUSI are the Course  Guide, the Course Schedule and the Registration System. You’ll use BUSI frequently during your time at Binghamton.  If you need help in interpreting your DARS, please print it and bring it to SOM Advising at anytime. We’ll be glad to show you how it works.

Transfer student receive their first DARS at Summer Orientation, showing how credits earned at previous schools are used in your major. After Registration, you are encouraged to create a new DARS to see how your first semester classes will fit into DARS.

Summer Orientation

Your first introduction to Binghamton University and the School of Management will be during Summer Orientation.  At this time you will receive your initial academic advising, meet with an faculty member to assist you in preparing your first semester schedule and register.  You’ll also learn about the various campus student services offices and the multitude of campus activities and organizations. You can learn more about Orientation at: Orientation Website.

Evaluation of credits earned at other Schools

Courses taken prior to entry into Binghamton University are evaluated for equivalency and transferred into specific requirements whenever possible. It is important to submit official transcripts to Binghamton as soon as they are available to you. Shortly after you are admitted into SOM, the Academic Advisor will evaluate your credits and the Admissions Office will send you a preliminary evaluation. If you are also taking courses during the semester you are admitted, those credits will be evaluated after that semester ends and you send a new transcript to Binghamton. These credits are usually reported to you at Orientation.

Liberal Arts coursework is generally easy to transfer into SOM programs. We strongly encourage transferring Micro and Macro Economics, Calculus 1 or Business Calculus and Business Statistics. All are foundational for our business programs and are taken prior to junior year.

Binghamton University's foreign language requirement for transfer students will change effective with the 2009-2010 catalog year. Effective Fall 2009, all new transfer students must fulfill the same foreign language requirement as freshmen entering Binghamton University, the third semester at the college level (generally called Intermediate 1). See the General Education website for more info. The webpage is at

Business courses such as Financial Accounting and Business Law 1 also transfer easily. Courses such as Business Communications, Introduction to Business or Principles of Management are not offered at Binghamton, but usually may be used as elective credit. We accept either Intro. to Business or Prin. of Management, but not both. Other lower level business courses are evaluated on a course by course basis.

Community college students who present courses equivalent to junior level courses in SOM are required to pass Validation Exams in order to transfer the credit. (see below)

Those students with credit from Advance Placement exams or CLEP exams should send an official score report to Binghamton for evaluation. Such credit normally transfers easily, but we cannot extract it from the transcripts sent by other colleges.

Validation Exams

For courses given at the junior level at Binghamton, students from community colleges or 4 year colleges lacking AACSB accreditation for their business program will be required to pass Validation Exams in order to transfer the credits. These exams are given on the first day of each semester and may be attempted once. There is no penalty for failure.  The SOM courses which require validation exams are:

  • Intermediate Accounting 1 & 2
  • Cost Accounting
  • Financial Management
  • Introduction to Marketing
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Operations Management
  • Management Information Systems

Validation exams are not offered for upper level SOM electives and are not required for lower levels courses like Financial Accounting, Managerial Accounting, or Business Law.

Transfer equivalency tables for SUNY AS in Business Administration Programs

This website can be used to look up non-business courses from many schools for transferability.

Most SUNY community and technical colleges have programs designed to facilitate transfer to SUNY four year Colleges and University Centers. These typically are Associates of Science in Business Administration (AS-Bus Admin). The drop down menu below will allow you to select your current SUNY school and view how courses in its AS in Bus Admin program compares to the business and required non-business coursework taken during the first 2 years by students in the School of Management.

Information in this table changes frequently and should be considered to be a guide and not an absolute authority on how courses will transfer. Only the SOM Adviser can make this final determination. However, they provide a fairly accurate listing of what you can expect to transfer. (Click to see the pdf files for each college)


Last Updated: 1/15/14