Current Students

The Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) staff is ready to assist you each semester with your equal access needs and we're always available to consult or brainstorm with you as you consider opportunities or face challenges along the way.

Some reminders:
  1. Current students who have been authorized for accommodations by the SSD office, need to complete a "Request for Accommodation Letters" form each semester in order to receive copies of their accommodation letters to share with their professors. This form is available in our office or at our website under the link "Accommodation Request Forms".
  2. Students are expected to meet with their professors during their office hours to give them the accommodation letter and discuss arrangements for implementing them. This discussion should take place within the first two weeks of the semester, or at least a week prior to your scheduled exam if an earlier meeting was not possible.

We encourage you to contact the SSD office with any questions or concerns. We're available by phone at 607-777-2686 or you are welcome to stop by our office, in University Union -119.

Last Updated: 4/11/16