Note-takers: SSD Policy Regarding Student Use of Note-taker Services

Note-taker services for Binghamton University students with disabilities are administered through the Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) office.  Students with disabilities that significantly interfere with their ability to take notes in class are eligible to apply for note taking assistance. Comprehensive documentation from a professional, licensed or certified to diagnose and treat the specific disability, is required.  Students desiring note-taker assistance through SSD are expected to take an active role in the arrangement and management of their services. 

Procedures for Accessing Note-taker Services through Services for Students with Disabilities

Students with current authorizations to use SSD Note-taker Services must follow the procedures listed below in order to access such services:

1. Complete the Note taker request form as soon as you know the courses for which you will need this support service.

  • Students who have already made arrangements for a classmate to take notes for them should indicate the individual's name next to the relevant course number and title. Jeremy Pelletier will contact the notetaker concerning payroll procedures.

    • If no note-taker arrangements have been made, simply list the course name and number.

2. Note-taker Employment Announcements will be printed and provided to you for each class in which you need a Note-taker.

3. Take the announcement to class and ask the professor to read it aloud at the beginning of the class.

4. Pick up the announcement before leaving class and begin to contact those students who signed up as being interested in the note-taking position. Use the list of "Interview Tips" and the "Note-taker Responsibilities" document while talking with prospective note-takers. Note-takers should be of sophomore status and have a 3.0 GPA.

5. Once you've selected the note-takers you would like to hire, contact Jeremy Pelletier immediately by email. Provide her with the name, email address and telephone number of the student you have selected for each class. Jeremy Pelletier will contact the note-taker about making an appointment with her to complete payroll materials.

6. Review the "Consumer Responsibilities" document, and be sure to sign the bi-weekly blue student timesheets.


7. If you encounter difficulty in the Note-taker recruitment or selection process, contact Jeremy Pelletier at X72686 or for advice or assistance.


Scribing Services: Policy and Procedures for Requesting

Scribes serve as writers for students whose disabilities interfere with their ability to write or use standard or adaptive computer technology. They provide assistance with the physical aspects of written expression and do not function as tutors or editors. Typical responsibilities involve assistance to students in writing exam responses. It is our expectation that with the current advancements in adaptive technology, very few students will require human-provided scribing assistance. 

Students with disabilities who need such support during their transition to the use of adaptive computer technology should discuss their situation with the Director or Learning Disabilities Specialist in the Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) office prior to the start of the semester. 

Please note that the scribing or typing of homework or papers is considered to be an activity of personal study and is not a university responsibility. While SSD may be able to assist students with disabilities in recruiting homework scribes, the student consumer is responsible for paying a homework scribe for his or her service. In the interest of academic integrity, student-hired homework scribes are expected to resist any temptation to make suggestions or corrections in dictated grammar or content.

Last Updated: 12/7/16