Modeling, Intelligent Systems and Technology Laboratory

Laboratory Directors: Sarah Lam, Susan Lu and Nagen Nagarur

Located in the basement of the library (LS-G-568), the MIST laboratory is a computational research facility that focuses on topics such as neural networks, evolutionary algorithms, reliability, operations of supply chains, applied statistics and simulation. The main mission of this laboratory is to provide high-quality hardware and specialized software for graduate students to pursue research on complex problems, principally within the disciplines mentioned above. This 800-square foot laboratory has more than 10 computers networked together. Software resources include Arena, ANSYS, SAS, Matlab, Minitab and other software programs available for use through site licenses at Binghamton.

In addition to research, the lab supports courses such as Foundations of Neural Networks (SSIE 631), Modeling and Simulation (SSIE 520), Foundations of Adaptive Optimization (SSIE 644), Operations Management of Supply Chain (SSIE 515), Reliability (SSIE 562) and Systems Engineering (SSIE 525).

Last Updated: 11/27/13