How To Access 1098T Information

Please note: The illustrations below are SAMPLE screenshots.  The screenshots do not have active links. You cannot accomplish submitting the waiver by clicking on the pictures.

Instructions on how to view your 1098-T tax document on the web

1). Please type in the browser: You will come to the web page below.
2). Once at the web page below, type in SB in the "School Code" box THEN click on the blue text in the right corner Need help logging in?

Log in Help


3)  The following website will appear and you will need to input the requested information to obtain your log-in information. Once the boxes have been populated, please click on the Submit button.

Please note: The ZIP CODE must match your permanent address of record.

Retrieve login info

4). The following web page will appear. Please write down the School Code (SB) and the (5) digit password.  Click on the Login Page link.

Login Credentials

At the login page you will need to input the following information:
School Code: SB
Account: Your entire Social Security Number (NO dashes)
Password: Your (5) digit password generated on the screen. 

Last Updated: 3/16/15