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Foundation Awards

Each year, the Division of Student Affairs assists the Binghamton University Foundation in selecting students to receive the awards listed below. Any member of the University community may nominate a student for these awards. It is important to remember that graduating seniors include those who completed their studies in August or December 2013, as well as those graduating in May 2014.

**ONLINE NOMINATION FORM USING B-ENGAGED — must have resume and involvement transcript ready for upload.

Note: The student's resume and co-curricular transcript must be uploaded with the nomination. All nominations and supporting statements must be time stamped before 5 p.m. FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 28, 2014.

Rishel-Searles Memorial Award

This $600 award is given to a graduating senior who has demonstrated academic excellence by obtaining a 3.5+ GPA and service to the University and/or community.

1986 Senior Class Award

This $250 award, funded by the class of 1986, is presented to a graduating senior who has exhibited a strong involvement in campus activities and who has maintained a B average or equivalent.

Nell Jackson Award

This $400 award is presented to a graduating senior with a strong academic record and a strong commitment to campus or community service. Preference should go to a female minority individual. An engraved bowl is also awarded.

Henrietta L. Pitler Award for Scholarship and Leadership

This award is presented to a graduating senior woman who has excelled as a scholar (3.5+ GPA) and as a student leader. An crystal bowl will be awarded.

Kent & Barbara Turner Award for Volunteer Services

This award is presented to a graduating senior involved in volunteer service of high quality in the Broome County area. The amount of this award is currently undetermined.

David L. Anderson Award for Student Excellence

This $100 award is presented to a graduating senior who has demonstrated excellence in character by improving the quality of life for Binghamton students through student development activities, being active in community service, and participating in and contributing to campus organizations.

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