Physical Facilities Community Service Contact


Use the link at the bottom of this page to send an email to Ms. Kristen Duff, the contact person in Physical Facilities, who will schedule and manage your community service assignment in that department. Your sanction requires you to contact Ms. Duff immediately after receiving notification of your community service in Physical Facilities.

It may take 3-4 weeks to complete the required hours, so you need to plan accordingly. The longer you delay in contacting Ms. Duff, to arrange for your community service assignment, the greater the risk of your not completing your sanction on time. Not completing your sanction by the specified deadline could result in a Conduct Hold being placed on your University records, thereby preventing you from registering for classes, being able to obtain transcripts, etc.

Do not simply show up at a site and expect to be put to work! All assignments must first be made through Ms Duff. If you show up without having been assigned by Ms. Duff, you will be referred back to her and will not be permitted to begin work until you have received an assignment from her.

The majority of opportunities involve working hours between 7:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. You are not expected to miss class or paid employment to do community service, but you may need to make some modifications to your schedule in order to complete the hours on time.

If you have not heard back from Ms. Duff with in 48 hours then contact her by phone (607-777-3320). When you leave a message be sure to:

  • speak clearly,
  • include your name,
  • state the reason for the call,
  • leave your phone number.

Attitude and quality of work count. In order for community hours to be considered complete, you need to do quality work and conduct yourself in an appropriate and respectful manner. Ultimately it is your responsibility to complete the assigned community service hours on time. Following the steps outlined above should help you reduce frustration and ensure success.

Please Note: In order to facilitate timely assignment, your email to Ms. Duff must contain the following information:

  • first & last name
  • phone number
  • email address
  • number of assigned hours
  • completion date
  • your general availability

Contact Ms. Duff using this form:




Your email address will be kept private, but is needed for confirmation.


Last Updated: 10/27/14