Becoming a member of the Student Conduct Outreach Team is easy and straightforward. Check it out!

Criteria for joining SCOT

You must be a Binghamton University student. That's it.

Why should I join SCOT?

  • You want to make Binghamton University a safer place with more mindful community members.
  • You want to raise awareness about University conduct policies, the educational philosophy of the Office of Student Conduct, and student rights.
  • You're innovative, outgoing, and want to get involved with an exciting new student organization.
  • You're looking for a leadership opportunity that will give you plenty of opportunities to develop new skills and hone existing ones.
  • You want to be part of a fun, laid-back organization that does important work.

What is expected of me as a SCOT member?

Come to SCOT meetings. They usually take place once every week or two and last about an hour.

Get involved any way you want: help with Info Blitzes or presentations, start a new program or help out with a pre-existing one, create a brochure or YouTube video, or come up with a completely novel way for SCOT to accomplish its goals.

I'm so there! How do I sign up?

Contact the Student Conduct Outreach Team Coordinator, via email or at 607-777-6210. They'll tell you when our next meeting is. Show up and you're good to go.

Last Updated: 9/29/14