Realizing Our Goals

Binghamton University holds that the goals of an inclusive community must be pursued through specific policies as well as statements of principle. Toward this end, Binghamton commits itself to:

  • providing forums where all voices, irrespective of political ideology or philosophical commitment, may be heard;
  • continuing to build on its long-standing commitment to recruit a diverse student body, faculty, administration and staff;
  • increasing the number of faculty and staff from under-represented groups, including women, with particular attention to offices and departments lacking such representation;
  • enrolling a growing number of undergraduate and graduate students from groups that have been historically under-represented;
  • increasing the number of international students on the Binghamton campus in order to enrich the education of all our students;
  • enhancing programming activities and library and museum collections to reflect intellectual and creative contributions of all racial, ethnic and cultural groups and countries;
  • regularly evaluating policies to eliminate disparate impact on groups and individuals.

Last Updated: 3/16/16