Spring 2016 SSS Events

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Cultural Competency
Cultural Competency Workshop
Thursday, 2/2 | 6 to 8 pm | UU 108

Guest speakers from the Multicultural Resource Center will be present to guide students through a discussion about what makes up culture, how to be open to the experiences of others, and how to actively get outside your own cultural bubble for a richer college experience.

Girls' NightGirls' Night!
Friday, 2/12 | 6 to 10 pm | SSS Office (UU 256)

Relax with you SSS gal pals and enjoy manicures & magazines, chocolate & girl talk, and  popcorn & a chick flick!


SSS Game Night
Thursday, 3/10 | 5 to 9 pm | SSS Office (UU 256)

Luck-based games for St. Patty’s Day!

Come play games of chance: card games, dice games, or just games that require a little less strategy and a little more of luck if you want to win! Game list to come.


Poetry Workshop
Tuesday, 3/15 | Time TBD | Location TBD


Motivation Workshop
Details TBD


Other events in planning:
SSS Semi-Formal
Happy (2011 documentary on positive psychology)
S4P 2012 Reunion
Senior Recognition Dinner
Nature Preserve Hikes



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