Fall 2015 SSS Events

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Back to School Mixer
Thursday, 9/3 | 5 to 7 pm | EOP / SSS Offices

EOP and SSS would like to welcome its student back in style with free food, games and entertainment. This is the perfect opportunity to meet new friends or reconnect with friends you missed over the summer. Don’t miss out on the fun!

spaghetti and marshmallow building
Spaghetti and Marshmallow Building Competition
Thursday, 10/15 | 5 to 7 pm | UU 103

A fun activity for STEM and non-STEM majors alike. Come do your best Bob 

The Builder impersonation. Gather a group of up to 4 people or come by yourself. Using uncooked spaghetti and a couple pieces of tape you will compete to get the marshmallow as high as possible. Prizes may be awarded based on height, creativity and time.

apple pickingApple Picking @ Russel Farms
Friday, 10/16 | @4 pm | Bus leaves from Tillman lobby

Our now annual trip to Russel Farms for Apple Picking is a great way to experience some up-state culture while enjoying the freshest apples around (as well as some other attractions). This trip requires advance sign-up, so stop in to the office to reserve your spot!

apartment huntingApartment Hunting
Tuesday, 10/20 | 3 to 4 pm | UU 108

How To, When To, and What To Look For

Considering living off campus next year or at some point in the future? If so, then this workshop is for you! We'll be discussing the ins and outs of finding off-campus housing, and provide you with lots of helpful hints for finding the apartment that's right for you. We'll also help you understand what your rights are as a tenant, and discuss the dreaded necessity of the lease.

applying for scholarshipsApplying for Scholarships 101
Thursday, 10/22 | 4 to 5 pm | UU121

A speaker from the office of external scholarships and research will be presenting on how to get started with applying for scholarships, and how to write for your applications to make sure you get them! Come get a few tips and assistance on starting to look for some funding.

game nightSSS Game Night
Tuesday, 10/22 | Starts @ 5pm | SSS Office

Come play board games! Tabletop gaming is one of the best ways to meet people, develop critical thinking skills in a fun setting, or just play around. This semesterly tradition always entertains, we’ll have a wide range of board games for you to try, some familiar, some not. Since we’re so close to halloween there will be a special emphasis on horror games!

when to withdraw or p/fWhen to Withdraw or Pass/Fail a course
Wednesday, 10/28 | 3:30 to 4:30 pm | UU 124

Unsure about your options when it comes to a course that is not going as well as you had hoped? Come to this presentation and learn what kind of impact a “pass” or “W” has on your transcript. Learn about when you should pursue such an option, versus when you should stick it out. Also learn about how pass/failing a course affects your major!

Trick or TreatTrick or Treating
Friday, 10/30 | 9 am to 5 pm | SSS Office

The SSS office is holding trick or treating on Friday, 10/30. Come to the office in costume and grab some candy!

nature hikeHike in the Nature Preserve - NOTE UPDATED DATE BELOW
Friday, 11/5 | Hike starts at 3 | Meet-up at the gazeebo outside the nature preserve

Come join Steve on one of the semesterly hikes through the Nature Preserve. There's really no better way to experience the change of seasons than getting out into our natural spaces here at BU. This is an experience unique to Binghamton's campus, which highly values the preservation of these spaces.

undecided anxietyUndecided Anxiety?
Thursday, 11/12 | 5 to 6 pm | UU 202

Are you undecided about your major or career? Is it giving you anxiety? Well stress no more! Join SSS for a workshop designed to dispel major/career myths, give you the tools to make educated major/career related decisions, and give you the confidence to have tough major/career related conversations with your family.

SSSilent Film Series IV
Monday, 11/16 | 8 to 9:30 pm | LH 9

Is this *lovely* weather getting you down? Are you feeling stressed?...tired? ...worn out?

Then take a break to de-stress and join us as we celebrate the grandeur that is black and white film. Join us for our 4th Annual Installment of the SSSilent Film Series!

New and veteran B&W movie goers welcome!

Guest SpeakerGuest Speaker - Dr. Uma G. Gupta
Wednesday, 11/18 | 6 tp 8 pm | LH 14

In this interactive session, Dr. Gupta will present a few key ideas that can help each of us become better decision-makers, embrace good habits, and lead happy and productive lives. Participants of her workshops say that her sessions were "life changing", "thought provoking" and "inspirational".

potluckSSS Thanksgiving Potluck
Monday, 11/23 | 5 tp 7 pm | SSS Office

Come celebrate thanksgiving a little early with SSS! More details to come soon.


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