Smart-energy research

Binghamton researchers have been working on solar energy, fuel-cell technology, energy-storage methods and improved efficiencies in computer and other electronic systems for years.

The University selected a smart-energy initiative as the research focus of its NYSUNY 2020 plan, as well as named smart energy one of its five transdisciplinary areas of excellence.

New developments

  • The University is planning the construction of a Smart Energy Research and Development Facility at its Innovative Technologies Complex to foster partnerships with industry as well as integrate energy research program from across the University.
  • Binghamton was recently awarded a $12.8 million, four-year grant from the U.S. Department of Energy for work being performed at the NorthEast Center for Chemical Energy Storage. M. Stanley Whittingham, distinguished professor of chemistry and of materials science at Binghamton University, who is a pioneer in the development of lithium ion batteries, directs the center. He is working to gain greater understanding of the fundamental chemical reactions in energy storage materials to make them work better and to develop new materials that are cheaper, environmentally friendly and able to store more energy than current materials can. 

Research centers that focus on smart-energy

Expertise in these energy-related areas

  • Solar and thermoelectric energy harvesting
  • Energy storage technologies
  • Energy-efficient electronic systems
  • Sensors for energy resource management
  • Environmental studies
  • Environmental geology
  • Sustainability engineering

Articles on faculty and students conducting energy research

Last Updated: 8/13/14