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Smart Energy Transdisciplinary Area of Excellence

Collaboration Grants Program

Deadline: October 1, 2013

OVERVIEW: The Smart Energy Transdisciplinary Area of Excellence (TAE) was established in 2013 to advance energy-related research and scholarship in which Binghamton University has significant existing strength and can achieve international prominence. The University's Roadmap Initiative has provided the following funding to the Smart Energy TAE: $30,000 to leverage the campus' infrastructure and expertise with the goal of seeking and receiving designation as a national research center in an energy-related field; $10,000 to engage faculty who may not have worked in the area of smart energy in the past. The Smart Energy TAE has established the Smart Energy Collaboration Grants (SE-CG) Program with these funds to capitalize on these opportunities.

The SE-CG Program aims to encourage faculty members to develop collaborative projects that stimulate the advancement of new ideas that can build Binghamton University's expertise toward a national center designation in smart energy (including energy generation, energy storage and energy usage). This competitive, peer-reviewed program provides initial support for proposed long-term programs of collaborative research that have strong potential to attract external funding. The program's objective is to nurture ideas or methodologies to a point where they are ready for and attractive to external funding. This program intends to underwrite the costs of converting ideas into viable research questions to enable faculty members to respond collaboratively to emerging opportunities in smart energy. Proposals that involve multiple departments and are built on demonstrated existing collaborations are encouraged. Projects should lead to the development of a proposal for external support. Two to three awards will be made for eight month projects beginning December 1, 2013. Projects must be completed by July 30, 2014.

This program is not a bridge fund nor is it to support research in lieu of external grant funds. There is no restriction on the number of collaborations any individual may join. Collaborators may include individuals from off campus, but funding for other than Binghamton University personnel requires justification.

REVIEW PANEL AND AWARDS: All proposals will be reviewed by an internal panel consisting of the Advisory Committee for Scholarship and Research (ACSR) and representatives from the Smart Energy TAE. Awards of up to $15,000 for a maximum of eight months will be made to winning proposals based on the recommendations of the panel based on the following criteria:

Relationship of the research to the area of smart energy. (25%)Potential for research topic to contribute towards Binghamton University's goal of pursuing national center designation in smart energy. (25%)Strength of record of achievement of the team. (10%)

(Please note-OSP will supply Current and Pending data to the Review Panel for submitted proposals)

Originality and significance of the proposed research. (20%)Ability to attract future federal, state, philanthropic or private funding. (20%)


The proposal deadline for the SE-ICG program is October 1, 2013. Applicants are encouraged to discuss proposal and budget preparation with the staff of the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP). The completed application must be submitted electronically to: Awards will be announced on November 1, 2013. Funds will be administered by the Research Foundation and will be subject to RF policies and procedures. Applicants are encouraged to submit non-proprietary content and clearly mark proprietary information, when applicable.

Cover Page: (Use attached page.)

Title of Project

Principal Investigators

Funding Requested

Project Abstract (200 words or less)

Project Narrative (3 pages maximum, single spaced, one inch margins, at least 11 point font)

Describe the research project, its significance, and its relevance to the field of smart energy;Describe PI and Co-Investigator contributions to the research efforts. Discuss participation of post docs and/or students, if applicable;Provide rationale for how the project will nurture interdisciplinary ideas or methods in the area of smart energy among Binghamton University faculty;Provide a brief statement of the benefits of this project, if funded, to the University. Specifically address the increase in fundability or visibility that would be achieved with these funds and the potential for the topic to contribute towards the University's goal of pursing a national center designation in smart energy;Describe plans for seeking external support for this research based upon this collaboration. Include a listing potential sponsors and timelines for proposal preparation.

C.  Literature Cited: Provide key citations, particularly those on which you are an author, which relate directly to this project.

D. Budget and Budget Justification: Please use attached page.

Funds may be requested for the following expenses:

Personnel Expenses, e.g., technical staff, research assistants, and fringe benefit charges (summer salary or fellowships to faculty researchers are not allowed). Note that if Spring 2014 GRAs are proposed, Tuition Scholarships will be provided by the Graduate School.

Research Expenses, e.g., supplies, equipment, travel, etc.

(support for general purpose computers or publication costs are generally not allowed. Where requested, those items require substantial justification. Funding for travel to professional meetings is not allowed.)

E. Curriculum Vita: Maximum 2 pages per investigator. Include academic degrees earned, employment history, publications and presentations related to the proposed project for the last five years.


The lead PI will be expected to provide a progress and final report summarizing the outcomes of the project, including any abstracts, publications, proposal submission activities, and invention disclosures (if applicable). Further, plans for submitting proposals to external funding agencies should be described. In addition, information on awarded projects (Title, PI Team, and non-confidential abstract) will be posted to the Smart Energy TAE Webpage.

FURTHER INFORMATION: Questions about proposal preparation or budgeting should be directed to the staff at the Office of Sponsored Programs. Specific questions about eligibility or scope of the program should be addressed to Wayne Jones, Professor, Department of Chemistry and Team Lead, Smart Energy TAE (; ext 7-2421), or Mary Beth Curtin, AVP for Strategic Research Initiatives (, ext. 7-2931).

Smart Energy Interdisciplinary Collaboration Grants


Title of Project:

Principal Investigators and Departments:

Funding Requested:

Project Abstract (200 words or less):


A.   Personnel Costs

1.     Graduate Students                                                                                                      $_________

Number of Students: _____

% of time: _________%     # of months: ______

2.     Undergraduate Students                                                                                           $_________

Number of Students: ______

Number of hours: _______   Hourly rate: ______

3.     Other Personnel (identify below)                                                                             $_________

B.       Fringe Benefits

Graduate Students           15%                                                                                            $_________

Undergraduate Students  5%                                                                                            $_________

Other Personnel               41%                                                                                             $_________

C.   Travel                                                                                                                                 $_________

D. Consumable Supplies                                                                                                     $_________

E.   Other Expenses                                                                                                              $_________

TOTAL REQUESTED                                                                                                               $_________


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