Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing equipment is available at two BU campus locations for use by Binghamton University Departments at no charge.   Effective September 3, 2015, these services will no longer be available for rental by non campus agencies.

Reservations for all video conferences should be made in advance to allow time to schedule test call(s) with participating locations to verify compatibility of systems and to conduct audio and video tests. When scheduling a video call be prepared to provide the name and telephone number of the video technician(s) at all participating location, the date and time of the video call and the ip address of each location.

Cancellations: If you must cancel a scheduled conference 24-hour notice is required.


Available Locations

LNG 323 show map

LN G323 Top View

LN G323 Directions

Description: Conference style room setting with conference table and seating for up to eight.

Availability: Monday - Friday, 8:30am - 5pm; Summer Hours 8:00am - 4pm

Reservations: Contact Telecommunications at 607-777-2524


  • Polycom HDX 7000 w/laptop interface (excel, etc)
  • 40" LCD Widescreen
  • Rectangular conference table (seats eight)
  • White board/dry erase markers (not smart board)
  • Data network connections
  • Room telephone 607-777-6641
  • IP address



AA G05 show map

AA G05 Top View

AA G05 Directions

Description: Flexible seating for up to 26 (24 movable chairs with table tops and soft side seating).

Availability: Varies depending on class schedules.

Reservations: Contact Denise Hawkins at 607-777-2214.


  • Polycom VSX 7000 w/laptop interface (excel, etc)
  • Multi-Point conference capable (up to four locations)
  • Two overhead microphones
  • One "presenter" desk microphone
  • Two cameras
  • One overhead projector
  • One projection screen
  • Room sound system
  • Elmo projector (local only. not for use with video call)
  • Flexible seating
  • ISDN: Not Available
  • H.239 capable: Yes
  • Room telephone: 607-777-4178
  • IP address:


Last Updated: 9/3/15