The Asylum Project

Created, Conceived and performed by Elizabeth Mozer
2 p.m. Saturday, April 29
7 p.m. Monday, May 1
in Gruber Theater/Studio B (FA 196) 
Free admission, a talkback will be offered after each performance
My journey began when I took a tour of the now vacant Asylum for the Chronic Insane, a psychiatric hospital in Binghamton, NY. During my visit to the asylum I was awakened to the lives that lived, worked and visited the grand building and was inspired to share their voices. Based on research, interviews, personal accounts and imaginings I have created a solo play where I play five individuals intimately related to the asylum.

Studio Showcases, In-The-Works, Open Season

Studio Shows can be student-directed (faculty-advised) or faculty-directed productions that are comprised of all student cast, designers and crew. All currently-registered students are invited to participate in all Department of Theatre's productions.

Interested in submitting a proposal for a Studio Showcase?

Here are details for proposals for directing or choreographing in the Studio Season
There are prerequisites for proposing an InTheWorks or Studio Show. Students must have taken Directing or Choreography prior to their proposal submission. 
Proposals must include: Title of Play, Playwright, Casting Breakdown (including number of actors and numbers of men and women), royalty fees per show, whom to contact for the rights (including contact information), and cost of scripts (we must purchase scripts – no xeroxing!).

Proposals must also include why you want to direct this play, its significance to you personally and to your development as a director, your concept for the production, any and all technical requirements (set, lighting, costume, sound, props, etc. - please include which items you will provide and which you hope to borrow from the department), potential casting and technical concerns, etc. Remember, you must be able to produce the show without any support from the Theatre Department's design/technical area, and must address how you will overcome potential challenges in your proposal.

In addition to the above, please have a second play ready to propose in case your first choice is not approved.

Proposals must also include the name and signature of your faculty advisor. You must secure an advisor willing to take you on as an advisee one month prior to the proposal due date.

Please keep in mind that the budget (including royalties and scripts) for an “In the Works” studio production is $300, and that choreography projects and original plays have smaller budgets. 

In addition to obtaining faculty approval, "In the Works" directors must have successfully completed the Directing class and THEA 203/213, and "In the Works" choreographers must have have successfully completed the Choreography class and THEA 203/213 or its equivalent.

“In the Works” plays may be a 25-45 minute one act play, or may be one act of a full length play. “In the Works” productions have 3.5 weeks of rehearsal, and usually open Thursday or Friday of the fourth week of rehearsal.

The budget (including royalties and scripts) for directors who have already directed an “In the Works” production and are applying to direct a full-length Studio play is $450. A full length studio production has 5.5 weeks of rehearsal and usually opens the Thursday or Friday of the sixth week of rehearsal.

Any production that may be part of the Fall 2017 Studio Season must have a proposal submitted to Elizabeth Mozer, Director of the Studio Season, by Tues., April 18th.

If you have questions, please contact 
elizabeth via email at 


Video of 2014 Studio Showcase: 'The Summoning'

A Choreography Studio Showcase
Choreographed by Naomi Lane, Advised by Andy Horowitz



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