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NYSUNY 2020 Challenge Grant

Binghamton University's Smart Energy Initiative

NYSUNY 2020 plan cover
Binghamton University’s NYSUNY 2020 proposal
(.pdf, 365kb)

Why does this plan matter to me?

If you're a Southern Tier resident...

  • The Binghamton Plan calls for the construction of a $70 million state-of-the-art Smart Energy Research and Development Facility. The building will support 252 construction-related jobs annually for every year of construction.
  • Increasing student enrollment by 2,000 and hiring 300+ new faculty and staff members by 2017 will benefit the community through:
    • Increased economic and cultural vitality for the region as the additional students, faculty and staff make purchases in stores and restaurants, attend events, rent apartments and purchase homes. Our communities will be more creative and diverse, capable of retaining the bright young people we need for economic growth and development.
    • A larger, more diversified tax base. The new students, faculty and staff will generate more than $6 million in new property taxes, diversifying the tax base and reducing the burden on individual homeowners.
    • More volunteers for community needs. The additional students will make a significant contribution to the community through volunteer service.
  • When this plan is implemented, Binghamton University will have an additional $77.5 million annual impact annually on Greater Binghamton, for a total annual economic impact on New York state of $1 billion by 2017. The University, which already accounts for a significant percentage of the area's economy, will have an even stronger role, providing renewed stability for the region.
  • This plan calls for new University partnerships and an expanded presence in surrounding communities.
  • Using standard economic models, we estimate that more than 840 new sustainable jobs over the next five years will be created in Broome and Tioga counties.

If you're a student, a prospective student or a parent of a student...

  • The Binghamton Plan will enhance student learning by lowering the student to faculty ratio from 21 students per faculty member to 19.
  • By increasing the number of faculty at Binghamton, the plan will reduce students' time to completion so they will accumulate less debt and enter the workforce more quickly.
  • Students will get better and faster feedback from their professors, a more thorough understanding of subject matter and better preparation for their careers.
  • Boosting enrollment by 2,000 students by 2017 will allow us to educate more of the best and brightest students from New York and around the world. Approximately 35 percent of the new undergraduate students will be transfer students, drawn overwhelmingly from SUNY's community colleges.
  • Students will benefit from an increase in the number and quality of research experiences available to them. We estimate that the plan will create 400 new undergraduate research opportunities each year.
  • In addition to supporting TAP statutory requirements for low-income students, the Binghamton Plan allocates 25 percent of all estimated tuition revenues to need- and merit-based student support. Over the next five years we will assign over $12 million to support student access.

If you work at the University...

  • The plan calls for the hiring of an additional 150 faculty and 175 professional and support staff that will allow us to develop new and strengthen existing academic programs. This larger workforce means new and more diverse opportunities for you to advance your career.
  • The new Smart Energy facility and renovations throughout the campus will better accommodate faculty research, classrooms of the future and state-of-the-art teaching laboratories.
  • You will have a greater impact on New York and the world as you play your part in educating the University's students and preparing them for a greener and more global society.

If you're an alumnus...

  • Your Binghamton degree will grow in value as the University's reputation continues to grow, both in New York and abroad. You will know that your alma mater is committed to becoming a greener, more global institution and broadening opportunities for its students and alumni to succeed in the knowledge-based economy of the future.
  • You will have access to a more global network of fellow alumni and University partners.

If you live in New York...

  • When this plan is fully implemented, Binghamton University will have an additional $77.5 million impact annually on Greater Binghamton, for a total annual economic impact on New York state of $1 billion by 2017.
  • Binghamton's Smart Energy Initiative addresses state needs for cleaner, more efficient energy and will help New York remain a leader in cost-effective, renewable energy production.
  • Roughly 60 percent of nurses, 70 percent of engineers and more than 80 percent of teachers who graduate from Binghamton remain in New York State. This plan will allow Binghamton to train more nurses, engineers, scientists and teachers to fulfill the state's need for workers in these professions.
  • The additional faculty researchers, combined with 175 professional and support staff, will generate more than $7 million in new research each year, and the discoveries they make will lead to at least 10 new businesses that will flourish in the Smart Energy R&D Facility's start-up and incubation space.

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