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JUNE 30, 2010 

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Message from President DeFleur

When I arrived at Binghamton in fall 1990, I was deeply impressed by the quality and commitment of the people at the University, the enormous potential of the campus and the level of community support for Binghamton University. These attributes were essential as I established key goals that I thought the University could -- and should -- accomplish, including expanding the breadth and depth of our degree offerings, developing campus facilities, increasing the number and quality of our undergraduate and graduate students, broadening our research mission and focusing on private fundraising.

Nearly two decades later, we have:

  • Added many new innovative graduate and undergraduate programs -- as well as two new schools -- and increased the number of doctoral degrees awarded by 73 percent, from 65 in 1991 to 120 in 2008.
  • Significantly expanded the campus through construction of new facilities on campus and the University Downtown Center in Binghamton. More than 40 percent of the buildings on campus have been constructed since I arrived. These academic, research and student facilities provide the foundation for Binghamton's future development.
  • Increased the number and quality of our students. Since 1991, we have increased our total annual enrollment by nearly 3,000 students and SAT scores for incoming students have risen by more than 140 points.
  • Overseen an amazing growth in research and scholarship. From 1991 to 2009, external awards have increased from $12.1 million to $36.5 million, and for the first quarter of 2010, there has been a 41 percent increase in external funding compared to the same point last year.
  • Broadened our funding base, gaining support for academic programs, faculty, and students. Last year, we raised nearly $12 million in external support -- up from $1.5 million in 1991. Since 1991, the University's endowment has grown from about $10 million to almost $71 million. In addition, we successfully completed Binghamton's first comprehensive gifts campaign and have recently launched our most ambitious campaign to date: Bold. Brilliant. Binghamton.

These efforts have helped build and develop the University. None of this would have been possible without the many University supporters on and off campus. You along with our faculty and staff share a commitment to excellence unsurpassed on any campus. Binghamton students -- whose range of aptitudes, achievements, talents, energy, commitment and willingness to accept risks is impressive -- are awe-inspiring. Most of all, I am so proud of the work of our more than 7,000 Think Tank advocates, who represent alumni, parents, students, faculty, staff, and community and industry partners.

Since the inception of our Think Binghamton advocacy program in November 2007, you've campaigned for stronger investments in higher education and Binghamton University by sending over 50,000 messages to legislators and other policy makers. You are a powerful force. Thank you also for spreading the word with our elected leaders about Binghamton University's significant contribution to the region and state. In the coming years, as the University continues to face challenges, I hope that you will remain an active advocate.

I am very proud of the efforts of our Binghamton University supporters. Binghamton is a great institution and my tenure here has been the best time of my life. I thank everyone for making it so wonderful and offer my sincere best wishes to each of you for success in all of your endeavors.


Lois B. DeFleur
President, Binghamton University


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