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Spring Commencement 2012

Binghamton University commends Governor Cuomo for his commitment to the SUNY System

Binghamton University President C. Peter Magrath, along with business and community leaders from across the Southern Tier, applauded New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo for introducing visionary legislation that calls for a comprehensive, fair and predictable tuition policy for the State University of New York's (SUNY) state-operated campuses. This initiative is an integral part of the NYSUNY2020 Challenge Grant Program.

The Governor's legislation will allow students and families to plan for the cost of Binghamton University's high-quality education in a predictable, fair and responsible manner. The legislation will provide predictable growth in tuition revenue to support the rising costs of higher education. The Governor's bill calls for the implementation of a "rational tuition" plan that would allow SUNY's State-operated campuses to increase tuition up to 5 percent per year, along with a "tuition plus" program permitting the four SUNY University Centers -- including Binghamton University -- to add an additional 3 percent. These new tuition monies will be invested directly into strengthening Binghamton University's academic and research mission, enabling greater access by increasing enrollment, hiring more faculty, and reducing time-to-degree.

Binghamton University will leverage the Governor's NYSUNY2020 Challenge Grant program to spur job creation and economic growth throughout the Southern Tier of New York. Binghamton University remains strongly committed to keeping access to a quality higher education affordable, and will set aside up 25 percent of the new tuition revenue for needy students and create a loan fund that will model the Federal Perkins Loan Program.

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Binghamton University news release >

Advocacy News

Assemblywoman Lupardo and Binghamton University kick off Engineer's Week
Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo (D-Endwell), who was recently appointed to chair the Legislative Commission on Science and Technology, teams up with Binghamton University faculty member James Pitarresi to kick off Engineer's Week at Glenwood Elementary School in Vestal.

Video at Think Binghamton >

Report: SUNY System the key to New York's economic future
State University of New York Chancellor Nancy L. Zimpher heralded the findings of an economic impact study that points to SUNY as a key contributor to New York state's economic future. The report, "How SUNY Matters: Economic Impacts of the State University of New York," is the most comprehensive and detailed analysis ever undertaken of the economic impact SUNY has on New York state.

SUNY news release >

SUNY Chancellor commends 16 campuses for national community service recognition
Chancellor Zimpher congratulated 16 SUNY campuses, including Binghamton University, for recent recognition by President Barack Obama for their community service initiatives. The campuses were named to the President's Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll, which has, since 2006, annually recognized institutions of higher education for their commitment to and achievement in community service

SUNY news release >

SUNY Report Card
Chancellor Zimpher launched the SUNY Report Card on Tuesday, May 17. This evaluation tool will publicly track the university's system-wide work in education, job creation, community partnerships and generation of boundary-breaking research.

SUNY news release with President Magrath's quote of support >

University News and Accomplishments

Binghamton University ranks high for return on investment
A recent ranking by Investor's Business Daily places Binghamton in a tie for ninth in the nation for return on investment -- the earnings per dollar spent to get an education. IBD looked at net pay 30 years after earning a bachelor's degree, beyond what it cost for the degrees. According to the data, compiled by PayScale, the cost (as of 2010) to complete a degree at Binghamton totaled $73,700, and graduates average a $712,300 net income after 30 years, giving Binghamton grads a 12.5 percent return on investment (ROI).

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2011 Commencement Graduates learn about the power of mentoring 
"This ceremony marks the beginning of your becoming great mentors for this University," the honorary-degree recipient Owen Pell '80 lawyer and philanthropist said. Pell's lesson was just one of many the Class of 2011 received during four ceremonies held May 21-22 in the Events Center. The weekend saw more than 3,200 degrees conferred and featured the largest Graduate School ceremony in school history.

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Atomic-level view affords engineer new insights
Guangwen Zhou's bold microscope techniques led to a grant from the NSF's most prestigious program for young faculty.

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Evolution: Darwin's city
Nature reports on how faculty member David Sloan Wilson is using the lens of evolution to understand life in the struggling city of Binghamton.

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Can we be optimistic about America's innovation future?
Gary Shapiro, Binghamton University graduate and president and CEO of the Consumer Electronics Association, blogs at Forbes about his recent visit to Binghamton University and his thoughts on the innovation economy.

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How an English professor became the online king of the crossword
Crossword puzzles are the kind of kitchen table sport you usually do by yourself. But like avid fans of all sorts, serious crossword puzzlers have found a community online. One of their most popular meeting spots was created by a Binghamton University professor, as you can hear in this story from WSKG radio.

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Assemblywoman Lupardo and Binghamton University kick off Engineer's Week

Report: SUNY System the key to New York's economic future

SUNY Chancellor commends 16 campuses for national community service recognition

SUNY Report Card


Binghamton University ranks high for return on investment

2011 Commencement: Graduates learn about the power of mentoring


Atomic-level view affords engineer new insights

Evolution: Darwin's city

Can we be optimistic about America's innovation future?

How an English professor became the online king of the crossword