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Think Binghamton Advocacy Update

On Thursday, Oct. 21, we were notified of the $23.2 million mid-year budget reduction assigned to SUNY as part of an overall budget cut authorized in the state budget. Binghamton University's share of this adjustment is $1.5 million. As with previous reductions, each SUNY campus will be responsible for implementing its cut at a campus level. According to the Division of the Budget, no further mid-year budget reductions are planned. With this mid-year cut, SUNY's total reduction over three years exceeds $674 million. We will keep you informed as we learn more.

Thanks in advance for your help this year as we address budget constraints and funding challenges. We will also continue to work on other University initiatives, including securing reform legislation and approvals to launch a new law school.

The Think Binghamton Advocacy Team


Advocacy News

Construction underway on Binghamton University's Center of Excellence facility

Binghamton University began construction of its New York State Center of Excellence in Small Scale Systems Integration and Packaging (S3IP) building in a ceremony attended by elected officials, local leaders and University representatives. The facility will connect with the Biotechnology and the Engineering and Science buildings, which are both part of the University's Innovative Technologies Complex (ITC). Read more. Get a sneak peak at the Center of Excellence by checking out the flyover view of the architect's renderings at http://discovere.binghamton.edu/video/a-sneak-peak-at-the-center-of-excellence-3371.html.

Parents and students sign up to help

In a weekend packed with activities such as touring the Nature Preserve and listening to music at the Jazz Brunch, over 100 parents and students found the time to sign up to be part of the University's Think Tank advocacy group. See if you can find yourself in the crowd in this Family Weekend photo album on the Think Binghamton site at http://www2.binghamton.edu/think/resources/advocacy-news.html.

November 2010 elections

Who knows what will happen in the November elections? That is the question that Stephen Dubner of the New York Times asked several political consultants and reporters in his Oct. 27 "Predicting the Midterm Elections: A Freakonomics Quorum". While in most cases the consultants forecast a "blue-to-red" movement, there are a few interesting surprises. Read his article at http://freakonomics.blogs.nytimes.com/2010/10/27/predicting-the-midterm-elections-a-freakonomics-quorum/?scp=4&sq=new%20york%20state%20elections&st=cse.

The most recent poll from Siena College shows Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andrew Cuomo 25 points ahead of his nearest challenger, Republican Carl Paladino. Polls suggest that the race for New York's attorney general and comptroller are much closer. Read the Politics Now blog summarizing poll results on BuffaloNews.com. See below for more New York state election coverage:

Andrew Cuomo still leads over Carl Paladino, but battle for state Controller remains tight, New York Daily News, by Erin Einhorn, Lore Croghan and Kenneth Lovett, October 31, 2010 

In Albany, Democrats Face Losing the Senate, New York Times, by Danny Hakim, October 31, 2010



University News and Accomplishments

Research faculty rank high nationally
Two recent rankings place Binghamton University's research and graduate programs high nationally. Results of the National Research Council 2006 Doctoral Study and a more recent 2008 study by Academic Analytics, a company that ranks universities based on faculty scholarly activity, were both released this month.


Binghamton University professor awarded ACS Fellows Honor
Binghamton University Professor Wayne E. Jones, Jr. has been named to the 2010 class of American Chemical Society (ACS) Fellows, an honor bestowed upon 192 distinguished scientists who have demonstrated outstanding accomplishments in chemistry and made important contributions to the ACS, the world's largest scientific society. Also, view the "The Sizzle of Science" video in which Jones shares his ideas about what makes science interesting and inspiring at http://discovere.binghamton.edu/video/the-sizzle-of-science-3348.html.


New 'Inside' Online
Read about faculty, discoveries, students, the arts, sports, research and what's happening on campus in the new, online-only Inside BU. Go to http://www.binghamton.edu/inside for the following stories and more:

- Meet the Excellence Award winners from the faculty and staff.
- Harpur Palate, the University's international literary journal, marks 10th anniversary.
- A photo gallery from Family Weekend.

You can subscribe to receive new issues automatically by going to http://www.binghamton.edu/inside/index.php/subscribe.



Scientists open tiny 'time capsules' in search of ancient DNA
Binghamton University researchers recently revived ancient bacteria trapped for thousands of years in water droplets embedded in salt crystals.


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- Construction underway on Binghamton University's Center of Excellence facility

- Parents and students sign up to help

- November 2010 elections


Research faculty rank high nationally

Binghamton University professor awarded ACS Fellows Honor

New 'Inside' Online


Scientists open tiny 'time capsules' in search of ancient DNA