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We thank Governor Cuomo and Chancellor Zimpher, as well as our legislative leaders for their commitment to the NYSUNY2020 plan and their support for a rational tuition plan program. Most of all, we thank all of you who have helped guide this bill to passage.

Under this plan, families will be able to plan more effectively for their son's or daughter's education, without experiencing the erratic tuition hikes that have plagued public higher education in New York. This rational tuition is fair, equitable and responsible. Because access is essential to our mission, we will provide financial assistance so that all qualified students can attend and succeed at Binghamton University.

The rational tuition is crucial to the expansion of our educational mission. By delivering vital resources to the campus, the program will improve access to Binghamton's high-quality education for thousands of New Yorkers and positions the University and our partners to reinvigorate the state's economy through innovation and job creation.

Now that this landmark legislation has passed, we look forward to working with Governor Cuomo and Chancellor Zimpher to seek final approval of Binghamton University's NY2020 Challenge Grant.

C. Peter Magrath
Binghamton University

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