Transfer Student Peer Guide Program

Transfer Student Services provides new transfer students the opportunity to be paired with a current transfer based on common interests, such as major or hobbies, who mentors them and helps ease their transition to campus life. Whether you are a new transfer student looking for some guidance as you adjust to life in Binghamton, or if you're a current Binghamton student looking to help out a new comer, the Transfer Peer Guide program is for you!


How do I become a Transfer Peer Guide?

Currently, our transfer peer guide internship program is filled for the 2015 fall semester. For more information on applying for next fall, check back on our website later in the semester or email

What does a Transfer Peer Guide do?
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How do I request a Transfer Peer Guide?

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Why should I request a Transfer Peer Guide?

Transferring to a new university can be a difficult adjustment. Luckily, Transfer Student Services offers a great program that will help you get the most out of your transfer experience: The Transfer Peer Guide Program.

A transfer peer guide can help show you around campus and the community, introduce you to their friends, inform you of cool clubs to join, and even become a lifelong friend. Peer guides are past transfer students themselves, so they are familiar with the transfer experience. When you request a peer guide, you will be asked to give some information that can help us pair you with the best guide for you. We pair students based on similar majors, interests, age, residential/non-residential locations, and cultures. They are required to spend at least two hours a week planning and performing outreach to offer you fun activities to attend on campus!

If the Transfer Peer Guide Program sounds like something that you would like to be a part of, contact Transfer Student Services, and we will gladly find you the perfect peer-guide!

Last Updated: 9/29/15