Transfer Student Mentor Program

The Binghamton University Transfer Student Services Office offers new transfer students the opportunity to be paired with a current transfer  based on common interests, such a major, who mentors them and helps ease their transition to campus life . Whether you are a new transfer student looking for some guidance as you adjust to life in Binghamton, or if you're a current Binghamton student looking to help out a new comer, the Transfer Mentor Program is for you!


How do I become a Transfer Mentor?

The form for transfer mentor applications is here. Or, you can e-mail

What does a Transfer Mentor do?

Click here to find out the responsibilities of a Transfer Student Mentor

How do I request a Transfer Mentor?

Fill out this form

Why should I request a Transfer Mentor?

Transferring to a new university can be a difficult adjustment. Luckily, Transfer Student Services offers a great program that will help you get the most out of your transfer experience: The Transfer Mentor Program.

A transfer mentor can help show you around campus and the community, introduce you to their friends, inform you of cool clubs to join, and even become a lifelong friend. Mentors are past transfer students themselves, so they are familiar with the transfer experience.

When you request a mentor, you will be asked to give some information that can help us pair you with the best mentor for you. We pair students based on similar majors, interests, age, residential/non-residental locations, and cultures. They are required to spend at least one hour a week with you doing activities such as getting lunch, going for coffee, or going to a fun event on or off campus.

If the Transfer Mentor Program sounds like something that you would like to be a part of, contact Transfer Student Services, and we will gladly find you the perfect mentor!

Last Updated: 3/19/15