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Rental vehicle

Rental Vehicles


Rental of 15 passenger vans is not allowed under any circumstances - including rental with removal of back seats. This is in response to the SUNY-Central University advisory of the potential for life threatening situations involving 15 passenger vans. This advisory stems from the National Traffic Safety Administration warning titled 'Rollover Propensity Of Fifteen Passenger Vans Due To The Static Stability Factor."

What You Should Know About Daily (Under 30 Days) Vehicle Rental

Vehicle Liability

New York State is protected for operation of vehicles owned, rented or used on its behalf, under our Self Insurance Program for auto liability.The Provinces of Ontario and Quebec have a reciprocity agreement exempting the State from the requirement for a Canadian Nonresident Inter provincial Motor Vehicle Insurance Card.

If an Employee is sued as a result of an accident in a rental vehicle, then the rental car company's insurance policy will defend and pay any award up to the limits carried by the rental car company. If the suit is for more than the coverage, the employee must request Public Officers Law Section 17 coverage from the Attorney General in writing within five days of the notification of the suit. If the employee was acting in the course of employment and the act was not malicious or intentional, the Attorney General may grant defense and indemnification for any award made.

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Last Updated: 2/24/15