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Binghamton University Undergraduate Research   
Undergraduate Research Center
Director: Janice McDonald
Phone: 607-777-4324
Office: UU 260C
Assistant to the Director: Ashley Serbonich
Phone: 607-777-4342
Office: UU 260A
Graduate Advisors
Kalen Casey
Office: UU 260B
Spring 2014 Office hours: Mondays 1:00-3:00pm
Liam Meilleur
Office: UU 260B
Spring 2014 office hours: Tuesdays 11:00am-1:00pm


Meet a Faculty Mentor

Barbara Wolfe

Ryan Vaughan, Adjunct Professor of English

...and his Student Mentee

Gayani Bulathsinghala

Michael Amory, Senior English, Psychology & PPL Major

Undergraduate Research Center

What is Research?

When you think of a student researcher, what comes to mind? At Binghamton, it's an archaeology major excavating a stone tool made thousands of years ago. Or a theatre major performing in an adaptation of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet in the style of the Beijing Opera. It includes political science students investigating the involvement of ethnic minority group members in the American political process, and Creative Writing students composing poems and short stories. And it also includes students in white lab coats, surrounded by glass beakers and bubbling chemical experiments, computer science majors working on information security, and future bioengineers conducting research on biomechanics and bioinformatics.

All of these are examples of research. They are explorations and investigations - each creative in its own way. They are examples of students in different disciplines grappling with the academic and artistic challenges of their fields.

At Binghamton, we define undergraduate research as a mentor-supported inquiry, creative activity or scholarly investigation conducted by an undergraduate student that makes an original intellectual or creative contribution to the discipline. Original can be defined as a meaningful contribution by the student; it should be entirely or partially novel; it may reveal more questions than answers.

Our Mission

The Binghamton University Undergraduate Research Center (URC) was created in 2012.  The URC encourages, supports, and acknowledges student research by:

  • Providing information to students on getting started with research

  • Providing information about internal and external support/funding opportunities

  • Encouraging undergraduate students to share their research

  • Administering awards to students participating in research, scholarly and creative activity 

Using our Website

The links on this website will help undergraduates learn more about the opportunities in their field for research, creative activity, and scholarly investigation. Undergraduates can explore the opportunities offered here at Binghamton, read profiles of our student and faculty researchers, artists and scholars, and learn how to become involved.

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