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Undergraduate Research Center

Director: Janice McDonald
Phone: 607-777-4324
Office: UU 260C
Assistant to the Director:
Ashley Serbonich
Phone: 607-777-4342
Office: UU 260A

Graduate Advisors

Kalen Casey
Office: UU 260B
Office hours: Mondays 1:00-3:00pm 
Liam Meilleur
Office: UU 260B
Office hours: Tuesdays 11:00am-1:00pm


Undergraduate Research Award Spotlight

 Julia Jin

Julia Jin
Harpur College senior with majors in cinema and biological sciences

Research topic: Dispossession

Faculty mentor: Asst. Prof. Tomonari Nishikawa

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  Fall 2013 Recipients

Naim Ahmed
Vanuatu Health Transitions
Koji Lum

Danielle Alfano
Kinetics of Bioorthogonal Reactions
Susan Bane

Anna Sofia Andeskie
Microbial Diversity in High Salinities
Tim Lowenstein

Ben Campanaro
Chlorine acceptance in Amphibole of changing composition
David Jenkins

John Cassaro
Assessing Internet Addiction Through "Away From Keyboard" Experiments
Jeffrey Lum

Alice Cheung
Cell & Molecular Biology
Characterizing Microbial Diversity in Gypsum Mats Through DNA Analysis
Koji Lum

Kelsy Cosme-McCarville
Anthropology & Biology
Chronic Disease and Obesity Patterns Among the Vanuatu People
Koji Lum

Chunhui Dai
Electical Engineering
Paper-Based Microbial Fuel Cell Array
Seokheun Choi

William Ferrante
Cell & Molecular Biology
The Effect of Cell Movement and ROCK Activity on CXCL8 and CCL2 Secretion from Colonic Epithelial Cells
Dennis McGee

Amanda Fong & Christopher Tufo
Psychology & Management/Psychology
Cognitive Benefits of Bilingualism: Acquisition of a New Language
Peter Donovick

Karen Fu
Effective environments of Borazine stability
Susan Bane

Raymond Futia
Cell & Molecular Biology
Mitochondrial Variation and Nuclear-Mitochondrial Interaction Within Wild Yeast Populations
Heather Fiumera

Sarah Greenberg
Do you have a purpose? Happiness in college
Peter Donovick

Jihyun Kang
Li-Ion Battery
Chuan-Jian Zhong

Connor Kinslow
Photoaffinity Labeling of Microtubules
Susan Bane

Hyeokchan (Steve) Kwon
Expression and Refolding of the Human Sonic Hedgehog Protein
Brian Callahan

Travis Lageman
Hedgehog Kinetics
Brian Callahan

Benjamin Laraway
Investigation into the Multimerization of Cholesterol-Modified Sonic Hedgehog Signaling Domain
Brian Callahan

Zachary Lebens-Higgins
Characterization of La-doped Barium Stanate thin films
Louis Piper

Jae Sung Lee
Nanoengineered Cathode Catalysts in Rechargeable Lithium-Oxygen Batteries
Chuan-Jian Zhong

Joshua Lewis
Integrative Neuroscience
ALS and Environmental Toxins
Lina Begdache

Indy Li
Integrative Neuroscience
C-Reactive Protein as a Biomarker of Chronic Disease
Koji Lum

John Ludwig
Philosophy & History
Jean-Paul Sartre and the Relationship Between Ontology and Epistemology
Robert Guay

Kelly Lupo
Molecular Integrative Neuroscience
Lyme Disease
Ralph Garruto

Christopher Manahan
Bioanalytical Nanosynthesid
Chuan-Jian Zhong

Rik Nikko Marata
Biological Anthropology
Camelid Domestication in the Americas
Andrew Merriwether

Jade Marhaba
Interest in Biology
Folate enzyme polymorphisms in relation to ALS
Ralph Garruto

Aimee Mun
Math and Economics
Understanding the Adoption Rate of M-Pesa
Christopher Hanes

Bridget Murphy
Psychology & Business Management
Multiple Sclerosis: How does it affect your outlook of the future?
Peter Donovick

Jason Ng
BS Chemistry
EPSP Synthase Inhibitor
Ming An

Derek Orshan
Advanced PNA Synthesis
Eriks Rozners

Raheel Parwez
Infectious Disease Research
Ralph Garruto

David Rios
Lyme Disease Epidemiology
Ralph Garruto

Thubten Ozula Sioux
Food-Associated Calls of the American Crow
Anne Clark

Lena Sol Yoon
Nanobioanalytical Chemistry
Chuan-Jian Zhong

Evan Spath
Political Science & History
State and Stability During the Arab Springin Libya and Mali
Ricardo Laremont

Amanda Sterling
Caricature during the French Revolution: A Study of Women and Violence
Howard Brown

Aaron Taggart
Optimizing Electron Conducting Layers in Ruthenium-Based Inorganic/Organic Hybrid Solar Cells
Wayne Jones

Matthew Teich
Water Chemistry Characteristics and Influences on Bunn Hill Creek
Karen Salvage

Rachelann Tripp
AFK Weekend, Assessing Internet and Video Game Addiction
Koji Lum

Sergey Tyurin
Integrative Neuroscience
Risk Prevalence and Assessment of Lyme Disease
Ralph Garruto

Matthew Walsh
Biological Anthropology
Possible Genetic Predispositions to Internet Addiction
Koji Lum

Brody Wiles
Cell & Molecular Biology
Determining the effect of IL-22 and TNF on tight junction proteins in intestinal epithelial cells
Dennis McGee

Chiara Zaccheo
General Geography & Environmental Studies, Sustainable Development
"Learning for the Future by Reading the Past: Local Adaptation to Climate Change"
Robert Holahan

Arsen Zargarov
Political Science
AFK Weekend, A study of internet and mobile devices involvement
Koji Lum

Hallie Zeitz
Biology and Mathematics
The Study of Lyme Disease and Other Tick Borne Pathogens
Ralph Garruto


Undergraduate Award to Support Research and Creative Work

Sponsored by the Binghamton Foundation and the Binghamton University Colleges

The Undergraduate Award to Support Research and Creative Work is designed to support the expenses for students' independent research or creative work. To qualify, your project must be supervised by a Binghamton University faculty member, and be receiving Binghamton University independent study credit or honors thesis credit. (Exceptions may be granted if a student has exceeded the maximum number of thesis or independent study credits allowed by his or her college.)

Funding is competitive and award amounts vary. The maximum award is $300. Funds may be used for postage, purchase of necessary materials, limited travel for research purposes, or other modest costs incurred in the course of the project. Funds may not be used to support the cost of producing a senior thesis (photocopy and binding); other printing or photocopying costs require strong justification. Funds may not be used for costs associated with attending a conference.

Eligibility: Undergraduates from all Binghamton University schools and colleges are eligible. Preference will be given to students who do not have access to support through faculty research grants, who have not already received an Undergraduate Research Award, to those completing senior theses, and to upper-level students.

Benefits: Amounts vary; limited resources are available. The maximum award is $300. Funds may be used for postage, purchase of necessary materials, limited travel for research purposes, or other modest costs incurred in the course of the project. Funds may not be used to support the cost of producing a senior thesis (photocopy and binding); other printing or photocopying costs require strong justification. Funds may not be used for costs associated with attending a conference.

Application Process: Students submit an application form that includes a description of the project and a project budget. An explanation of the relationship of the budget to the project should be included. (If it is not possible to explain the need for specific items on the form, a student may email an additional spreadsheet to the Undergraduate Research Center,

Procedures: The Selection Committee reviews applications. Projects that involve vertebrate animals or individual people as subjects must receive approval from the IUCUC or HSRRC before funds will be dispersed.  

Application Deadline: Applications are accepted in the fall and spring terms. The deadline for applications for the fall and subsequent spring semester is in early October; the deadline for funding for the spring and subsequent fall semester is in early March.

Spring 2014 Deadline: March 14, 2014

Click here to access the application form.



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