Application for the Undergraduate Award to Support Research and Creative Work

 Sponsored by the Binghamton Foundation and the Binghamton University Colleges

The Undergraduate Award to Support Research and Creative Work is designed to support the expenses for students' independent research or creative work. To qualify, your project must be supervised by a Binghamton University faculty member and be receiving Binghamton University independent study credit or honors thesis credit. (Exceptions may be granted if a student has exceeded the maximum number of thesis or independent study credits allowed by his or her college.)

Funding is competitive and award amounts vary. The maximum award is $300. Funds may be used for postage, purchase of necessary materials, limited travel for research purposes, or other modest costs incurred in the course of the project. Funds may not be used to support the cost of producing a senior thesis (photocopy and binding); other printing or photocopying costs require strong justification. Funds may not be used for costs associated with attending a conference.

Directions to students: Please complete and submit this form. A copy will be forwarded to your faculty advisor for project endorsement and to the Undergraduate Research Center at

Notice: If you have any difficulty submitting this form, please contact Ashley Serbonich at


Section I:

Your Full Name:

B Number:

Class Year:


Local Address:



Zip Code:

BU E-mail Address:


Name of Faculty Project Advisor:

BU E-mail Address of Faculty Project Advisor:

Project Title:

Is this project your honors thesis?  Yes    No

If no: please list the course name and number (e.g., PLSC 495) and title (e.g., Independent Study) of the course that involves this research/creative work:

Section II:

Does this project involve the use of vertebrate animals (non-human)?   Yes    No

If yes: you must complete online training and fill out and submit the Laboratory Animal Resources health questionnaire form.

Does this project involve human subjects (including but not limited to surveys; interviews; working with existing data sets with individual-level data; tissue samples; or DNA)?    Yes    No

If yes: you must review the HSRRC Quick Guides and follow the instructions on submitting a new research protocol, available HERE.

Have you ever received an Undergraduate Award for Research and Creative Work?
Yes No

Section III: Proposal Narrative (500 words or fewer)

The committee that reviews the proposals is comprised of faculty members from many disciplines, so we strongly recommend using language that is designed for a broad audience. This may mean that your proposal narrative is quite different from an abstract that you would write for a paper or project in your field.

For research proposals, please discuss the following:

  1. The question your research is designed to address
  2. The methodology you will use and the rationale behind it
  3. The overall significance of the research

For creative work proposals, please discuss the following:

  1. Place the work in a larger artistic context
  2. Explain why you chose this medium of expression
  3. Explain the overall significance of the project

Estimated Budget:

Item Approximate Cost Rationale/Use




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