Binghamton University-HHMI Program: Interdisciplinary research for undergraduate majors in science and engineering

Undergraduate students

Who can apply for the Howard Hughes Medical Institute STEM Interdisciplinary Research Program program

The Howard Hughes Medical Institute STEM Interdisciplinary Research Program program is open to all Binghamton University undergraduate students who meet the following criteria: 

  1. major in a life science, physical science, mathematics, computer science or engineering discipline
  2. have strong interest in participating in research relating to the life sciences
  3. are excited at the prospect of working on a project led by two faculty members from different disciplines 

Students in the life science disciplines will work with faculty members in their own discipline and in one of the following: computer science, engineering, mathematics, chemistry, physics or geological sciences. The research team may also include graduate student mentors and undergraduate students in the two or more disciplines as defined by the research project. 

Students in computer science, engineering, mathematics or the physical sciences will work with faculty and graduate and/or undergraduate students with expertise in the life sciences.

Majors in the interdisciplinary programs such as biochemistry, bioengineering, environmental studies (science-oriented track) and integrative neurosciences will conduct research that will give them an interdisciplinary experience beyond their courses. For example, a biochemistry major may be placed in a research project that involves computer science or mathematics, mechanical or electrical engineering, physics or geology.

To be eligible to apply, students:

  1. should be interested in research-based careers especially through the PhD, the MD-PhD or appropriate research-based advanced degree for students in your discipline
  2. have earned overall and science/engineering GPA above 2.7
  3. be able to work full time in the summer before the sophomore, junior or senior year
  4. be able to continue with research for credit in the following fall and spring semesters                 

Students who belong to groups that are underrepresented in their disciplines are highly encouraged to apply. This includes women in computer science and engineering, as well as underrepresented minority students in all the science, mathematics, computer science and engineering majors.                     

Support provided

Undergraduate students in the program receive the following support: 

  1. mentoring relating specifically to the research project
  2. guidance in their development as researchers focused on teamwork and communication
  3. $5,000 for program participation through the year, most payable as summer stipend


  1. summer research (nine weeks, full-time) and participation in weekly summer meetings
  2. continuation of research in the fall and spring semesters and participation in monthly meetings
  3. research poster in the summer, additional public communication of research some time during the academic year
  4. participation in surveys and other assessments

Application process

We are not accepting applications for summer 2015. If you are interested in a unique summer research experience, see the Summer Research Immersion (SRI) program.

Last Updated: 12/1/14