Binghamton University - Posting Policy

 Distribution of printed information, solicitation:

                The distribution or peddling of newspapers or handbills conveying a point of view in the public areas of a SUNY campus is protected by the 1st Amendment.  Public areas include the main lobby of the University Union and streets and sidewalks, but not areas such as corridors, rooms and all other lobbies in buildings.  Door-to-door solicitation is not permitted on campus.  Unaddressed handbills, announcements, election flyers, or advertisements are not to be sent through the campus mail, placed under residence hall doors, or placed on vehicles on campus property.  Harassment or intimidation of members of the campus community by persons selling goods or services, or proselytizing points of view or causes, may require the removal of individuals from University property in accordance with the rules of maintaining public order.

Rules for posting:

                Announcements offering subscriptions to newspapers and magazines or other goods or services may be placed on established bulletin boards on campus only after approval has been obtained from the University official in charge at the area in which the bulletin board is located.  University bulletin boards are the only appropriate areas for posters.  Please post only ONE poster per board.  Others may be removed.  Posters are not to be taped or placed on walls, windows, doors, cars, light posts, fencing, trees, etc.  Violation of the posting policy may result in fees being levied against your group and the loss of postering privileges.

Banners & Signs:

                No signs advertising events will be allowed on Bartle Drive or other roadways.  Banners may be hung from buildings for the duration of the event if they are a part of a University  Sponsored event of some importance.  The sponsoring organization must have received, in writing, the approval of the Building Administrator.  Requests of unusual merit should be forwarded in writing to the Vice President for Administration for review by the President’s staff.

Guidelines for promoting events where alcohol is served:

                Promotional activities may not be associated with otherwise existing campus events or programs without the prior knowledge and consent of appropriate University officials.

                Display or availability of promotional materials should be determined in consultation with appropriate University officials.

                Beverage alcohol advertising on campus should not portray drinking as a solution to personal or academic problems of students, or as necessary to social, sexual, or academic success.

                Where controlled sampling is allowed by law and institutional policy, it should be limited as to time and quantity.  Principles of good hosting should be observed, including availability of food and planned programs.  Alternative beverages must be included.  The consumption of beer, wine, or distilled spirits may not be the sole purpose of any promotional activity.

University Union Guidelines:

                University recognized organizations as well as "Off Campus" groups may post materials as long as they follow these guidelines. Violators will lose postering privileges.


  • There is a bulletin board for each day of the week in the main hallway of University Union East.  There are also bulletin boards in the basement of University Union West.  ONE poster may be posted on the appropriate day of the week.  Covering previously posted, current material is not allowed.
  • Posters should be no larger than 11x17 inches.
  • Posters may be placed on any other bulletin boards in the University Union that are not designated for a specific purpose.
  • Posters and/or signs are not allowed to be posted in office windows (visible from outside).

Banners & Large Signs

  • Large signs may be hung in the stairwell in University Union West.  Only large signs are allowed.  Anything smaller than 11x17 will be removed. 
  • Signs may not be any larger than 3'x4'.
  • All signs must include the group’s name, date of the event, place of the event, and time of the event.
  • Signs may only be hung 1 week prior to the event.

Stairway posting rules

  • Maximum poster size is 3’ x 4’.
  • No small posters (letter or legal paper sized) allowed. Large posters only.  UU Stairwell posting rules are written on a sign above the stairs.
  • Posters cannot be hung up more than 1 week before the scheduled event. Posters that are hung up too early will be removed and discarded.
  • Only 1 poster per group per event.


               Quarter sheets are permitted but should not be left on tables, benches, floor, or window sills due to the high maintenance costs associated with picking them up.  If they are left out, fees may be levied against your group (clean up fee) and your group may lose postering privileges.

Commercial Posting:

                Commercial vendors must bring material to be posted to the University Union office.  After approval from the University Union Director, you will be told where items may be placed.  Material will be required to comply with the University’s policies (see “University Rules & Expectations”).


                Writing in chalk on any building or University sidewalk or roadway is strictly prohibited.  Any group found chalking will be charged a clean up fee and will lost reservation privileges.

Posting in Residential Areas

  • Approved material (obtain approval from the Area office) can only be posted on bulletin boards or in approved posting areas.
  • Only one copy can be posted on each approved area.
  • No material is to be posted on any glass or any door in any residential areas by anyone other than Residential Life staff members.
  • Material posted in unapproved areas will be removed.
  • If an individual residential area has specific posting policies, their policies will override those listed above.
Plastering (covering areas with the same poster) will not be tolerated.

Last Updated: 11/16/15