Upward Bound - Staff

Marty Wygmans
Photo of Marty Wygmans
Project Director for TRiO Programs and Executive Director of Student Services
Marty Wygmans oversees a number of programs at the university, including Student Support Services, Upward Bound, and Veterans Services programs. As part of her duties she writes the grant proposals which fund Upward Bound and Student Support Services. Additionally, she supervises staff, handles budgetary matters, and ensures compliance with federal regulations. Marty also served on the Board of Directors for the Association for Equality and Excellence in Education. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Business and Master of Arts in Agency Counseling. She is working on her Doctor of Education in Higher Education Administration.
Nita Baldwin
Associate Director
Nick Matyas
Photo of Nick Matyas
Senior Academic Counselor
Shaunté Middleton

Academic Counselor
Cindy Kery
Photo of Cindy Kery
Assistant Director for Administrative Services of TRiO Programs

Last Updated: 1/29/16