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About Watson Computing

The Watson computing group provides a flexible computing environment in support of the academic and research missions of the University. We liaise and work with the campus Information Technology Services group to provide these systems and services. Our deployment leverages both physical systems and leading edge virtualization technologies which are used to provide servers, services, desktops and data storage.

General Information

The school's computing environment is tiered with respect to performance. The initial tier provides general computing capabilities. The second tier provides access to software license servers, computational servers, 3D graphic workstations, and network file storage. The final tier provides access to high performance computing clusters.

The initial tier is intended for general desktop computing and provides 2D business graphic capabilities; both physical and virtual desktops are deployed in this environment.

The second tier provides a robust computational environment for modeling and 3D simulation. It is comprised of both physical and virtual servers, and high performance graphic workstations. The graphic workstations are housed in the data center and accessed remotely using Teradici host cards. The host cards allow the workstations advanced graphic capabilities to be accessed over the network.

Included in the second tier, is a 120 TB network file server that supports the research and infrastructure needs of the school. Faculty have access to network storage which is shared within their research group.

The third computing tier provides access to the school's high performance computing clusters. The cluster is comprised of a head node, 80 compute nodes, 39 TB of direct attached storage node, with common storage access to all nodes. 40 Gb/sec Infiniband Ethernet provides networking between nodes with a 1 Gb/sec Ethernet for management. The cluster provides 1200 CPU cores with 7.5 TB of system memory.  The cluster currently supports MATLAB 2015b jobs up to 500 cores, VASP, COMSOL, R and almost any *nix based applications, running in a production environment.

Donald Kunkel
Watson School, Director of Information Technology

Last Updated: 5/16/16