"What happens after Form 1 is sent in?"

Great question! Here's the answer...........

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Students who are determined, based on review of their Form 1 by the New York State Department of Education, to be eligible to take Part A of the licensing exam will receive directly from NYSED a letter of instruction to register, usually around the time of Winter Break.

  • To schedule and pay the fee for the examination for which you have been approved (made eligible) by the New York State Board for Engineering and Land Surveying, you are required to register through the NCEES website at www.ncees.org.  Information will be provided on the NCEES website regarding the registration and payment for the April examination administration beginning in December.
  • As you register through NCEES, the NCEES registration system will connect you to Castle's scheduling system so that you may submit the scheduling fee to Castle Worldwide, Inc., the testing company contracted by the NYSED to administer the examination.
  • Registration is expected to open in December on the NCEES website, www.ncees.org. The deadline for this registration and payment process is February 21, 2013. There are NO extensions.  Please remember it is your responsibility to complete this registration and payment process by the deadline.

Special Note #1: You are encouraged to use your permanent address on all forms unless you plan to stay at your current residence after graduation. When notice of your eligibility to take the exam is sent, the address provided on Form 1 is the address that will be used to contact you. It will be necessary, and YOUR responsibility, to inform the State of New York of any changes of address.  Registration for the FE Exam is completed online along with your payment of the $135 registration fee for Castle World Wide, Inc.  Be sure to complete by the date indicated in the letter.  NOTE:  this fee is in addition to the $70 application processing fee.

Special Note #2: The Watson School Dean's Office is not involved with your exam registration. Your letter of instructions will be mailed to the address you listed on Form 1; it is YOUR responsibility to check with your parents/guardian to see if it has arrived and the registration step is completed on time. 

Special Note #3: If you are planning to take the bus from Binghamton for the exam, you must select "Syracuse" as the site of choice on Form 99.

Further information regarding the format of the FE Exam is available from Castle WorldWide by clicking HERE!

Last Updated: 11/26/13