Instructions for Filling out FORM 1

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In box 1, you will check "Eligibility for admission to Part A of exam: Fundamentals of Engineering, only."
Boxes 2 through 6 are self-explanatory.
In box 7, check "Eligibility for admission to examination(s):" AND "Part A: Fundamentals of Engineering".
Boxes 8 through 12 are also self-explanatory.

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For box 13, you may list your elementary and high school information, if you choose, but it is MANDATORY that you write Binghamton University, the city and state in the college area. Also, you will see boxes to the right that request "Number of Years Attended," "Entrance Date," "Leaving Date," and "Title of Diploma or Degree Obtained." These MUST be filled in. You can shorten the degree title to "BSEE" or "BSME," etc.
Boxes 14 through 16 are self-explanatory.

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Box 17 asks for citizenship status. If you are a US citizen, check that box and proceed to Box 18. If you are a legal alien, check the appropriate box, state your country of citizenship and ATTACH A PHOTOCOPY OF THE FRONT AND BACK OF YOUR ALIEN REGISTRATION CARD.
Box 18 is self-explanatory.
Box 19 (a) refers to TAP. If you have TAP, answer "Yes." For Box 19 (b), answer "No." (You can't be in default when you haven't graduated yet.)
Box 20 is completely optional.

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For Box 21, although you have every right to answer "No" to this question, the Watson School would really appreciate if you answered "Yes" because we do keep the examination results confidential and it helps us to know how well our students did when it comes to planning. Please understand that when we receive the examination results from NYSED, it is numbers and percentages ONLY -- we do not receive students' names.
Box 22 is MANDATORY -- a passport-style photograph is needed.
Box 23 -- DO NOT SIGN THIS FORM UNTIL YOU ARE IN FRONT OF A NOTARY PUBLIC. For your convenience, a Notary Public for the Exam sign-up process will be provided in October. Students may hand in their forms and check at this time, if they wish. See email notifications for free Notary Public assistance A check for $70 made out to "New York State Department of Education" must accompany the form when you hand it in. 

Last Updated: 11/26/13