Instructions for Form 2

This form is needed only if you plan to submit your application directly to the NYS Department of Education, and not during the official BU October sign-up sessions.

TWO copies of just the first page are needed.  You do not need to print or complete the second page. The reason for two copies is that the first copy will be submitted along with the Form 1's in O ctober and the second copy will be forwarded by the Watson Dean's Office after you have graduated from your program.

Boxes 1 through 4 are self-explanatory. Boxes 5 and 6 are not necessary to fill in.

In Box 7, please write "Binghamton University." The Dean's Office will finish everything else in Box 7.

In Box 8, write the current fall term on one copy and leave the other copy blank.

Sign and date Box 9.

Both copies must be brought to the Watson Associate Dean's Office in order to be submitted.  They will then forward on to NYSED along with page 2 which is completed by the school.

Last Updated: 11/26/13