The Legacy of the Watson School Founders

Portrait of founders--see caption below.

The Watson School Founders are those individuals who shaped the Thomas J. Watson School of Engineering and Applied Science at the time of its founding in 1983. The list of Founders was developed through review of historical records and discussion with individuals involved.

In 1998, the Watson School recognized and honored its Founders and established the Founders Awards to recognize individuals who have provided unique support to the Watson School. The contribution of the Founders imparts a legacy of cooperation between industry, community and academy.

Photo caption, May 15, 1998: Posing with President DeFleur and Founding Dean Lyle Feisel are industry, government and education leaders who founded the Watson School in 1983. Seated: Jim Tallon, Rudy Lawson, Bill Turner, Darwin Wales. Standing: Cliff Clark, Wells Allen, Bob Best, Jim Carrigg, Carl Conti, Dean Feisel, President DeFleur, Martin McCann, Ted Mulford, George Stein, Charles Barron, Warren Anderson. Absent: George Houser, James McCabe, Sr., Arthur Smith, Patrick Toole.

On the Friday preceding Commencement, the Dean of the Watson School hosted a special dinner honoring the Founders. Each Founder received a framed certificate recognizing his role in the founding of the Watson School. Founders were also invited to the Watson School's Recognition Ceremony held the Saturday before University Commencement ceremonies. The role of the Founders was included in the Dean's remarks, the Founders were identified during the ceremony and they were also listed in the program. Following the Recognition Ceremony, a matching certificate honoring all recipients was added to the Dean's Wall of Honor acknowledging this distinguished group.

Founders Awards

In recognition of the legacy of the Founders, the Watson School Founders Awards are granted annually to individuals who have shown the same type of vision and commitment to the Watson School since its formation in 1983.

Recipients of the Founders Award may include, but are not limited to, volunteers who have supported the School through their efforts, individuals who have furthered the School's relationships with corporate partners, donors who have made contributions of note and alumni who, through their achievements, symbolize the best that the School has to offer.

Founders Award Recipients

2009 Founders Award Recipients

  • Jiayuan Fang
  • Hulas King
  • Joseph M. Kolly '88
  • Harry Kroger
  • Gary Lehman, posthumous
  • Gerald E. Putman '76, MBA '84

2008 Founders Award Recipients

  • Gene Caiola '80
  • Dr. George J. Klir
  • Thomas S. Coughlin, P.E.
  • Professor Dr. Mine Kalkan, posthumous
  • John B. Wadach

2007 Founders Award Recipients

  • Jonathan K. Beschloss '91
  • Richard S. Culver
  • David A. Goldman '94/'98
  • Dorothy Weir

2006 Founders Award Recipients

  • Carol L. Gance
  • Margaret E. Iwobi '75
  • James Manchisi '82
  • James D. Scanlon
  • George R. Westby

2005 Founders Award Recipients

  • Craig A. Bergman
  • David P. Gdovin '70
  • James J. McNamara, Jr.
  • Gerhard D. Meese
  • George L. Sackman

2004 Founders Award Recipients

  • Ruth Foley Ahearn
  • Diana J. Bendz
  • Eugene M. DeLoatch
  • Donald C. Gause
  • Stanley N. Lundine
  • Rocco Passionino

2003 Founders Award Recipients

  • William M. Berical
  • John Spotswood Bowers '89
  • James F. Geer '62
  • Howard H. Pattee
  • Patricia A. Walter

2002 Founders Award Recipients

  • Ronald S. Carlson
  • Dorothy E. Feisel
  • Lyle D. Feisel
  • Jerrold I. Lavine '91
  • John E. Pomeroy

2001 Founders Award Recipients

  • James A. Clum
  • Douglas M. Green
  • Gary Kunis '73
  • Marilyn C. Link
  • Walter Lowen
  • Michael F. McGoff '79

2000 Founders Award Recipients

  • Eugene B. Canfield
  • W.F.H. Nicolaisen
  • Richard F. Schwartz
  • Richard C. Steffen
  • William Strynkowski
  • Cyril J. Tunis

1999 Founders Award Recipients

  • J. Donald Ahearn
  • John W. Forman posthumous
  • Edward J. Gormley
  • Geraldine MacDonald '68/73
  • John H. VanGorden, Sr.
  • Annette Van Howe '66 posthumous

Who are the Founders?

(titles at time of founding)
Wells P. Allen Jr.
Chairman & CEO, New York State Electric & Gas

Warren M. Anderson
Senator, State of New York

Charles E. Barron
General Manager, General Electric

Robert M. Best
Regent, New York State Education Department and Chairman & CEO, Security Mutual Life Insurance

James A. Carrigg
Vice-President, New York State Electric & Gas

Clifford D. Clark
President, Binghamton University

Carl J. Conti
former Site Manager, IBM-Endicott

George G. Houser
Vice President & General Manager, IBM-Owego

Floyd H. Lawson
President/Chairman, Universal Instruments & WS Committee Co-Chair

James W. McCabe
Sr. Assemblyman, State of New York

Martin W. McCann
former General Manager, IBM-Endicott & WS Committee CO-Chair

Theodore E. Mulford
Vice President, Community Affairs, Link Division, Singer Co.

Arthur K. Smith
Provost-Graduate Studies and Research, Binghamton University

George H. Stein
Vice President-Academic Affairs, Binghamton University

James R. Tallon Jr.
Assemblyman, State of New York

Patrick A. Toole
Site General Manager, IBM-Endicott

William D. Turner
President, Link Division, Singer Co.

Darwin R. Wales
Trustee, State University of New York

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