Engineering and Science Building Construction

To stay at the forefront of our field, and accommodate our growing number of students and faculty, we are adding 125,000 square feet to Binghamton University’s Innovative Technologies Complex, doubling the space allocated to the Watson School.

Slated to open in 2011, the addition of this $66 million Engineering and Science building is essential following a period of unprecedented growth for the Watson School. We’ve expanded beyond the current Engineering Building to include facilities within the Bartle Library, the Computer Center, and the Biotechnology Building in the Innovative Technologies Complex.

The new building brings with it the opportunity to update and renovate the current Engineering building. Combined, these resources will increase our research and instructional capacity substantially while promoting greater collaboration between faculty, students and industry.

Designed to meet LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold standards, the building incorporates passive solar heating, geothermal technology for heating and cooling, energy-efficient windows and skylights to allow for maximum use of daylight, and the latest technology for heat recovery and humidity control.

Panoramic of the Engineering and Science building construction.

Photos by Jonathan Cohen.

Last Updated: 11/26/13