Laboratory Features

Display Wall/ Innovation Display

This display incorporates 6 projectors to produce a single big screen display, oriented toward passers-by.  It uses a MicroSoft Kinect device to sense people and respond to gestures. Future projects incorporating the display wall include:  improving gesture recognition and expanding the gesture interface with the computer; experimenting with projection materials to reduce differences in brightness; producing gesture-based educational tools.

More Features:

Movable carpet squares which allow for the demarcation of project space within the Core

Plastic bubble covers that all students to leave unattended projects safety in place on the floor

Configurable curtains that allow for the creation of varied-sized "rooms" within the Core

Overhead theater grid with access to power and data in the ceiling.

The Seymour Kunis Media Core

Gary Kunis '73 named the Seymour Kunis Media Core in honor of his father with a gift to the Watson School Equipment Endowment.
The Seymour Kunis Media Core provides facilities for research in multimedia, including multimedia security, multimedia forensics, biometrics, steganography and steganalysis, immersive displays, and virtual and augmented reality. 

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Last Updated: 10/26/16