Accessing Online (SofTV) classes

With this delivery format, EngiNet class media is stored on-line. EngiNet uses SofTV software to digitally capture both classroom lectures as well as the presentation materials. The lectures are posted on the course web sites. Students will use the online media in conjunction with course materials that are posted on the course web site.Online files are usually posted within 24 hours of being captured on campus. 

Computer Requirements for Online Product Distribution:


Sound card and speakers
Windows 7
Highspeed Internet

Internet Explorer 11

Lecture Demos

Demo lecture using SofTV

Demo lecture using RealPlayer

Please check to make sure you can play these lectures before signing up for a course.

Accessing Course Materials

Instructors use a variety of materials, beyond lectures, to augment learning experiences. During the semester, registered students are able to access these materials online. The materials are posted on course management websites. The EngiNet office uses Blackboard. Some professors may choose to use their own personal web pages to manage this information.

In order to stream lectures on-line, you must download Windows Media Player and Microsoft Runtime Animation (both are free downloads).  Most class materials will be posted in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.


University computing system access is available for students after the registration process for the EngiNet course is complete. Students will be provided a username and password to access information.

Last Updated: 4/8/14