Analytical and Diagnostics Laboratory (ADL) Equipment Usage Grant

The Strategic Partnership for Industrial Resurgence (SPIR) Office at the Thomas J. Watson School of Engineering and Applied Science announces grants available to small and medium sized companies interested in utilizing the Analytical and Diagnostics Laboratory (ADL), a centralized, interdisciplinary, fully staffed research facility at Binghamton University.

The lab provides instrument and technical support for materials diagnostics, analysis, characterization, and device processing in areas such as electronics systems integration and packaging, materials research, and flexible electronics. The lab also supports life sciences research applications in medical areas, security systems for detection of pathogens, and additional industrial and consumer applications, both directly as well as through related emerging technologies.

The lab includes state-of-the-art high-tech instrumentation for electron microscopy. optical microscopy, thermal analysis, non-destructive analysis, spectroscopy, x-ray analysis, mechanical and electrical testing, surface and interface analysis, thin film fabrication and analysis, mesoscale machining systems and extensive sample preparation tools and a microfabrication facility. Find out more at the ADL Website.

Also eligible for equipment usage grant funding are IEEC facilities including chambers, analytical instruments, processing equipment and other equipment.  For more information on available equipment, visit the IEEC facilities page.

To apply for the grant funding submit this grant application form or contact 607-777-4532 to discuss your company's plans.

Grant Submission Guidance

Applications for ADL equipment usage grants may be submitted at anytime. 

Grant applications should be submitted via our online grant application form. Information to be provided includes:

  • Company Information: Name, Address, Number of Employees, Web Site Address
  • Company Contact Information: Name, Address, Phone Number, Fax Number, Email Address
  • Usage Grant Information: Description of Need, Name(s)/Type(s) of Equipment Requested for Use, Expertise Sought or Needed

Please contact the SPIR office if you have any questions.

Grant Funding Guidance

Companies are eligible for up to $3000 in value of ADL equipment use over a 12-month period.  All ADL equipment usage grant requests will be reviewed by the SPIR Director and the SPIR Advisory Board and will be evaluated based on scientific and technical merit of the proposals and on their alignment with the SPIR mission and objectives.

Last Updated: 12/11/14