Life @ Watson

Everyone says the university experience is like nothing you will ever do in your life - and it's true.

But at Binghamton University's Watson School, those words take on special meaning.

In a world that requires creativity, teamwork and a broad vision of the future, the Watson School will teach you to find solutions using tomorrow's technology today. And that means that you will thrive in any career.

The Watson School experience begins in the classroom, where you’ll work with students from across the world to create solutions such as “smart”er cell phones or drainage ditches in a neighborhood park. You’ll also hone key communication and business skills in professional practice classes and more.

In the lab, you’ll have opportunities to collaborate with renowned faculty on cutting-edge research across the disciplines. From directional microphones to decoding hidden messages, Watson School researchers make a significant impact in the real world.

Off campus, the Watson School experience expands student horizons through opportunities for internships with top employers, as well as substantive partnerships with industry and business.

You’ll emerge from your Watson School experience with both broad-based skills and an entrepreneurial spirit. Our graduates are working around the world as engineers and in fields as diverse as law, finance, higher education and beyond. They’ve learned how to create their own future. You can, too.

Last Updated: 11/26/13