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Anechoic Chamber

Ron Miles
Distinguished Professor, Mechanical Engineering Department
Associate Dean for Research, Watson School of Engineering & Applied Science

ES B500

The 100 hertz cutoff anechoic chamber has outside dimensions of 20'(W)x24'(L)x18'(H) and inside dimensions of 13'8"(W)x17'8"(L)x11'4"(H). It includes wedges having anechoic properties from 100 hertz to 30,000 hertz and 4" floor panels that sit on a 4" 3-hertz spring isolation system. There is a 3/32" diameter stainless steel spring tensioned cable floor and support framework with a raised grating floor and an expanded metal entrance ramp. The chamber has been tested in pure tones from 100 hertz to 16,000 hertz and in 1/3 octaves from 100 hertz to 30,000 hertz. There is a ceiling-mounted, computer-controlled robotic microphone positioning system with 5-axis motion: X, Y, Z, Phi (vertical-plane rotation) and Theta (horizontal-plane rotation) and a data acquisition system and positional system control with 10 input channels with a 160dB dynamic range and DC - 50kHz frequency range per channel and 2 output (source) channels..

A YouVisit panoromic view of the anechoic chamber can be seen here.

Last Updated: 10/7/16