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Electrochemistry System

Changhong Ke
Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering Department

ES B203

The electrochemistry system is used to investigate the formation of electrochemically adsorbed layers, electrodeposition and electroresolution of metals, electrocorrosion and electroregeneration, oxidation of different metals and other conducting materials, electrically active nanocenters, ions and molecules, mass transfer, etc.  The Potentiometry module is used to directly measure the topography and the corresponding two-dimensional potential distribution resulting from an applied voltage to a semiconductor device. The conductive atomic-force microscopy (AFM) module is a powerful current sensing technique for characterizing conductivity variations in resistive samples. It allows current measurements in the range of hundreds of femtoamps to nearly a microamp. The conductive AFM can simultaneously map the topography and current distribution of a sample.

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Electrochemistry System

Last Updated: 10/7/16