Engineering and Science Building

Micro/Nano Electromechanical Systems (MEMS/NEMS)

Ron Miles
Distinguished Professor, Mechanical Engineering Department
Associate Dean for Research, Watson School of Engineering and Applied Science

Mohammad Younis
Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering Department

ES B224, B225, B500A/B

The MEMS/NEMS labs conduct fundamental and applied research using state-of-the-art micro and nano scale experimental characterization techniques to study MEMS and NEMS properties and interactions. This includes designing, modeling, simulating, characterizing, and testing a vast variety of MEMS and NEMS devices and applications.

We seek to solve industry-related problems, such as investigating the failure and collapse of microstructures due to mechanical shock, capillary forces, and electrostatic forces. Fundamental research is aimed at understanding the basic phenomena and concepts related to the dynamics of micro and nano structures, such as investigating the nonlinear vibration response of carbon nanotubes (CNTs).

Other research activities include designing novel MEMS/NEMS sensors and switches, such as developing a threshold switch triggered by mechanical shock, a capacitive switch that operates at reduced voltage, and smart bio- and chemo–mechanical sensors.

Our research encompasses modeling micro- and nano-devices and structures under coupled multi-physics (mechanical, electrostatic, squeeze-film, and thermoelastic) forces, developing reduced-order models and computationally efficient approaches to tackle the coupled multi-physics and nonlinear problems, and analyzing micro- and nano-scale phenomena.

Equipment available in the Micro/Nano Electromechanical Systems are listed below. Click on the equipment name for detailed equipment information.

Conductive Force Nanoprobe
Image Correlation System
Laser Vibrometer
Micro/Nano Biofluidics Inspection Suite
Optical Characterization System
Probe Station with LCR Meter
Shock and Vibration Data Acquisition System
UHF Vibrometer
UV/Visible/NIR Spectrophotometer
Vacuum Sputter Tool
X-ray Diffractometer

Last Updated: 10/7/16