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Vibration Core

Ron Miles
Distinguished Professor, Mechanical Engineering Department
Associate Dean for Research, Watson School of Engineering & Applied Science

ES B400

The Vibration Core contains equipment for testing and monitoring of components and products under vibration and mechanical shock. These tests are sometimes used as qualification tests for products, or for reliability assessment of components and products in support of advanced research and development. Data from these tests can help pinpoint design flaws as well as to help understand product performance under robust environmental conditions.

Equipment available in the Vibration Core are listed below. Click on the equipment name for detailed equipment information.

Anechoic Chamber
Digital Signal Processing System
Laser Vibrometer
Micro/Nano/Biofluidics Inspection Suite
Probe Station with an LCR meter
Shock and Vibration Data Acquisition System
UHF Vibrometer

Vibration Core

Anechoic Chamber

High-g Drop Table

High-g Drop Table

Circuit Board, 1570 Hz

Diff Mode 2

Last Updated: 10/7/16