Micro/Nanofluidic Interface Characterization Suite

Micro/Nano Biofluidics Sample Preparation and Inspection Suite

Tim Singler
Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering Department

ES B208

This suite of equipment precisely characterizes the thermophysical properties of fluids and the interfacial properties of liquid-solid, liquid-liquid and liquid-gas interfaces. It builds on existing capabilities afforded by such instruments as the Bausch & Lomb optical refractometer, TA Instruments rheometer, and others. The Kruss K100MK2 process tensiometer measures the surface and interfacial tension of liquids (as functions of temperature and concentration), dynamic and static contact angles, liquid and solid densities and critical micelle concentrations. The Kruss KBP100 tensiometer is specifically designed to measure the dynamic surface tension as a function of the surface age and provides information about wetting and drop formation in short timescale processes. This instrument enables the determination of the adsorption and diffusion coefficients for a particular interface. The two tensiometers significantly enhance our capabilities to characterize the physicochemical properties of pure liquids, solutions and colloidal dispersions, capabilities that will positively impact our research efforts in the synthesis and deposition of functional materials, printed electronics, solar cells, microfluidic sensing and biofluidics, all of involve interfaces in a critical way.

Last Updated: 10/7/16