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Plasma Etcher

Plasma Etcher

Tim Singler
Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering Department

ES B100

The Plasma surface treatment system is based on the PlasmaEtch Model RIE200 system which includes two gas connections (manipulated by an integrated Mass Flow Controller), a rectangular stainless steel chamber with hinged door, and a 13.56 MHz RF generator with reactive ions etching (RIE) configuration. The system is customized for use with corrosive gases.The low pressure plasma surface treatment system cleans, activates, etches and polymerizes surfaces of substrates. For general cleaning applications, ion bombardment cleans surfaces physically and chemically by vaporizing surface contaminants. Plastic surfaces are activated by forming reactive radicals which lead to good adhesion between the activated surface and any subsequently coated layer. By using a reactive process gas, the generated plasma is able to etch and structure the treated surfaces. By introducing a single and/or multiple monomer gases into the vacuum chamber, the resulting plasma-induced polymerization is able to realize deposition of hydrophobic, hydrophilic and other functional diffusion barrier layers on treated sample surfaces.

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